Energy conservation plan
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Energy Conservation Plan. Due January 12 , 2012. Conserve Electricity and Natural Resources . Energy Conservation Plan Due _______. Step 1 Research Paragraph (10 pts ). Step 2 Top Energy Items Content Frame (20 pts ).

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Energy conservation plan

Energy Conservation Plan

Due January 12, 2012

Conserve Electricity and Natural Resources

Energy conservation plan due
Energy Conservation Plan Due _______

Step 1 Research Paragraph (10 pts)

Step 2 Top Energy Items

Content Frame (20 pts)

Identify which household items use the most energy. Make a list of at least 5 items.

For each item listed, describe how it works and when and why it might use a lot of energy.

For each item listed, describe one way you could cut back on its energy use in your home.

Organize this information into a content frame.

  • Learn about Energy Conservation through research and by interviewing adults.

  • Explain in a paragraph why it is important to conserve energy. Be sure to include at least 3 facts from your research.

Grading Rubic: Minor Grade

70 pts: Completed Steps 1 – 5

30 pts: Effort ,Neatness, & Detail

Energy conservation plan

Step 3 Appliance Inventory List (10 pts)

Step 4 Conservation Plan

List and Explain (20 pts)

Make a chart of at least 20 ideas to conserve electricity.

Explain why each idea will conserve energy.

Discuss your ideas with your family your list and the importance of conserving energy. Decide on at least 10 that you can implement for your house. Check mark them.

  • Inventory the major appliances and machines in your home. Make a list.

  • For each item find out if it uses electricity or gas to run.

  • For each item find out if it has a ENERGY STAR RATING for Energy Efficiency.

  • Write a sentence about the meaning of being “energy efficient.”

Step 5 Carry out the

Conservation Plan (10pts)

14. Monitor your progress. Have your parent sign your completed projectand write one sentence about your effort to save them $!

Energy conservation plan

Monitor your plan: BONUS POINTS

Before you start your conservation plan. Read your Electricity Meter for a set amount of days. (Example 4 days) Identify how many Kilowatt Hours of electricity your house used in that time. Now conduct your CONSERVATION ENERGY PLAN. Read your meter as much as you can to monitor your progress. Make a Diary of your Kilowatt Hour usage and the activities that used electricity in you house that day.

Energy conservation plan

Reading a Meter – Bonus Section

Sites to help you read a meter.

Energy conservation plan

BONUS POINTS Diary Example

Can be daily or every two days. The more days the more extra credit is given. It is OK to skip. Just do what you can to learn more about the energy you consume.

Energy consumption for Monday 5:30pm to Wednesday 6pm 750 KWH

We have been gone most the day for school and work. We turned the heater/air off when we left to conserve energy.

Energy consumption Saturday 12pm to Sunday 3pm 1500 KWH

We were home a lot during this time. The washer and dryer ran 4 loads of laundry. My mom was cooking with the oven. We used more energy today.