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RA’s Start Your Engines

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RA’s Start Your Engines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RA’s Start Your Engines. 2010-2011 Hiring Social . “I love my job because I get to interact with wonderful people on a daily basis and I get to see my residents grow as people” -Justine Simons: 6 th Floor Petro .

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ra s start your engines

RA’s Start Your Engines

2010-2011 Hiring Social


“I love my job because I get to interact with wonderful people on a daily basis and I get to see my residents grow as people”

-Justine Simons: 6th Floor Petro


“ It is a rewarding job that I love doing and I enjoy working with the other people”

-Isaiah Garrison: 7th Floor Petro


“I love this job because I love people and I like to make a difference”

- Brooke Wofford: 7th Floor Petro


“ I enjoy being an RA because it allows me to get to know a bunch of new people as well as keeping me involved on the entire campus”

-Steven Barton: 8th Floor Petro


“ I love my job because it’s exciting, fun, and challenging”

AlaynaLacher: 8th Floor Petro


“I chose to do this job because of the great people I get to work with, not only staff members, but also my residents.”

-Stephen Gruener: 4th Floor Rimrock


“I enjoy being a RA because I like helping my residents.”

-Marshall Pluhar: 3rd Floor Rimrock


“I do what I do because I love my team, and I love working with residents.”

-Elissa Adams: 4th Floor Petro


“I do this job because I want to lend a helping hand and I love my residents”

-Tyler Rutledge: 5th Floor Rimrock


“I do what I do to be a part of the campus life and provide support to my residents”

-Jule Gray: 5th Floor Rimrock


“I do this job because I love meeting new people and feeling like I made a difference”

-Libby Rutz: 3rd Floor Petro


“ I chose to become an RA because, I love new challenges and meeting new people. I continue to do this job because I love my residents and like to watch them grow.”

-Ashley Powell: 6th Floor Rimrock


“I do what I do because I love it.”

-Sara Hill: 3rd Floor Rimrock


“I do this job because I want to encourage students to step up, work hard, and make a difference”

-Jeff Rosenberry: Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Life


“I like being an RA because I feel like I can be a positive impact of the lives of my residents”

-Mary Owen: 4th Floor Rimrock


“I chose this job to watch a student achieve their dreams”

-Crystal Svoboda: Rimrock Hall Director


“I wanted to become an RA because I love helping people and making a difference in others lives. I also love the life long friendships I have formed.”

-Aaron Stucker: 4th Floor Petro


“I do what I do because I enjoy helping residents grow and adapt to college.”

Brian “Gus” Redfern: Petro Hall Director


I love this job because I get to make a positive impact on people’s lives

-Cindy Staffanson: 5th Floor Petro


“I wanted to be an RA so I could make a difference on campus. College is too short and too expensive to sit around and waste time. Becoming an RA was the best thing that ever happened to me”

-Kyle Goings: 3rd Floor Petro


“I chose to be a RA because I thought it would be a great way to get involved on campus and to meet wonderful people. This is the most rewarding job I have ever had.”

-Shelby Holsapple: 5th Floor Petro


“I am a RA because it brings me so much joy to watch others grow and come together and live in a community, regardless of their country, state, or nationality.”

-Emily Harris: International RA