some perspectives on resilience
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Some Perspectives on Resilience

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Some Perspectives on Resilience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Some Perspectives on Resilience. Community of Practice January 12 th 2012. Diane L. Coutu: How Resilience Works . She observed that all the theories on resilience overlapped in three ways: Facing down reality A d eep belief often buttressing strong values that life is meaningful

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some perspectives on resilience

Some Perspectives on Resilience

Community of Practice

January 12th 2012

diane l coutu how resilience works
Diane L. Coutu:How Resilience Works

She observed that all the theories on resilience overlapped in three ways:

  • Facing down reality
  • A deep belief often buttressing strong values that life is meaningful
  • An uncanny ability to improvise

Building Personal and Organisational Resilience-Harvard Business Review

resilience in ambiguity ready steady go
Resilience in AmbiguityReady Steady..... Go?

Tactics for resilient leadership

  • Think options - not solutions
  • Learn to value “not knowing”- it’s ok to say I don’t know. Help make sense of uncertainty rather than trying to make it clear
  • Embrace ambiguity - expect and be ready for the unexpected
Reconnect with your personal anchor – keep caring the things that matter - find your personal way of maintaining perspective
  • Get frequent support from those you trust
  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • Make conscious and deliberate choices

Jeanne Hardacre and Jane Keep, CIHM Associates

ronald a heifetz marty linsky
Ronald .A. Heifetz & Marty Linsky
  • Looking Outwards: offering tactical advice about relating to your organisation and the people in it – to protect you against those trying to push you aside before you complete your initiative
  • Looking Inwards: Focusing on your human needs and vulnerabilities. It is designed to keep you from bringing yourself down
looking outwards the hostile environment
Looking Outwards: The Hostile Environment
  • Operate In and Above the Fray
  • Court the Uncommitted
  • Cook the Conflict
  • Place the Work Where It Belongs
looking inwards the dangers within
Looking Inwards :The Dangers Within
  • Manage Your Hungers
  • Anchor Yourself
a final thought keith grint leadership and resilience research report
A Final Thought –Keith GrintLeadership and Resilience Research Report
  • There are good reasons to consider that mental toughness is a critical component of success.
  • Resilience might also generate a defence mechanism that facilitates the avoidance of responsibility and denial of choice when faced with difficult decisions.
  • It could facilitate an addiction to Command and an allergy to Leadership.
  • We need wisdom to know when to be resilient and when to recognise that resilience is the problem, not the solution .
practice in pairs co consulting
Practice –In Pairs-Co-Consulting
  • Consider a current leadership challenge and consider what you need to do differently/more of in light of the perspectives on resilience you have heard?
  • 20/30 minutes each
going forward
Going Forward
  • What have we learnt?
  • What am I thinking/feeling that is different ?
  • What do I/we need to do more/less of in respect of resilience?
  • What commitment am I prepared to make?