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Pool Mission Statements PowerPoint Presentation
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Pool Mission Statements

Pool Mission Statements

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Pool Mission Statements

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  1. Pool Mission Statements 2004 Governance and Leadership Conference Hershey, PA

  2. CSAC Excess Insurance Authority CSAC Excess Insurance Authority is a member-directed risk sharing pool of counties committed to providing risk coverage programs and risk management services, which are: Competitive Providing programs, which are competitive in scope and price over the long term.  Available Endeavoring to make available programs, which are flexible in meeting member, needs. Responsive Delivering quality, timely services in claims management, loss control, education and communications. Equitable Allocating cost and services between various members in a fair and consistent manner. Stable Ensuring cost-effective, fiscally prudent operations and staffing, which maintain financial strength and solvency.

  3. Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority, a leader among public pools, is dedicated to providing superior risk management services and products that protect its Member participants and the public they serve.

  4. NonProfits’ United Mission statement is to provide quality and cost-effective pooled-risk coverage to private nonprofit organizations and to provide services that are both responsive to our members’ needs and that contribute to the professionalism on nonprofit organizations.

  5. Housing Authority Insurance • Housing Authority Insurance is dedicated to: • Provide housing authorities and other affiliated or related entities with stable, affordable insurance, other programs and services of the highest quality, and to do so with integrity, dignity, and respect: • Assure members’ ability to participate in the companies through board, council, and committee membership; • Maintain fiscally sound companies, which provide a reasonable rate of return.

  6. Washington State Transit Insurance Pool (WSTIP) WSTIP’s Mission: “We are committed to reducing our members’ cost of risk through the delivery or comprehensive and innovative risk management services…”

  7. Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool • We will be the leader in providing a broad spectrum of innovative insurance that is competitively priced • We will treat our members equitably, with respect, and act with integrity • We will provide reliable, effective and useful risk management consulting services • The Board will provide professional, dedicated management and administration

  8. Association of Arkansas Counties The AAC supports and promotes the ideas that all elected officials must have the opportunity to act together in order to solve mutual problems as a unified group. To further this goal, the AAC is committed to providing a single source of cooperative support and information for all counties and county and district officials. The overall purpose of the AAC is to work for the improvement of county government in the state of Arkansas. The Association accomplishes this purpose by providing legislative representation, on-site assistance, general research, training, various publications and conferences to assist county officials in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of their office.

  9. Public Employers Risk Management Association • To provide the membership with: • Adequate, appropriate and continuous insurance coverage; • Stable and competitive pricing; • Aggressive and attentive claims management; • Comprehensive and extensive loss control services; and • Technical assistance on matters relating to risk management.

  10. Bay Cities Joint Powers Insurance Authority Bay Cities Joint Powers insurance Authority (BCJPIA) provides cost effective, fiscally sound liability, property, and other coverage for member agencies.

  11. Schools Excess Liability Fund To establish, operate and maintain cooperative programs of self-funding for excess liability, property, workers’ compensation and other plans for California public educational agencies.

  12. Valley Schools Insurance Trust/Workers' Compensation Pool The VSIT/VSWCP is a resource to reduce liability by promoting and assisting in the safety and protection of the Deer Valley, Paradise V and Peoria Unified School Districts' valuable assets including student employees, and property.

  13. ACHD Alpha Fund • Dedication to our work and those efforts, which define our success and determine our reputation. People are our strength. • Maintain an environment that encourages learning and creative thinking, and helps us to develop and apply new knowledge and skills in everything we do. • Dedication to appropriate solutions, both for healthcare districts and the communities they serve • Dedication to achieving optimum health in the communities served by healthcare districts, through programs such as healthy communities. • Optimize an expansion of existing resources. • Commitment to the development of unique collaborative relationships. • Continuous quality service, excellence and improvement in addressing member needs.

  14. Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Insurance Company WMMIC, a consortium of governmental units organized under Section 611.11 Wisconsin Statutes, exists to partner with members to share risk taking, provide a cost effective and comprehensive range of liability insurance, other coverages, and risk management services to Wisconsin municipalities.

  15. Association of Governmental Risk Pools The mission of the Association of Governmental Risk Pools is to unite the pooling community to achieve excellence in pooling management, operations and services.

  16. Contra Costa Country Schools Insurance Group • promoting a safe working environment; • actively engaging all participants of the workers' compensation process in cooperative efforts to achieve this mission; • delivering professional and responsive claims services that promote employee well being and reduce costs; • administering a self-funded program that is fiscally sound and provides stable rates.

  17. Texas Association of School Boards Risk Management Funds The TASB Risk Management Fund provides high quality, financially sound, cost-competitive risk management services to Texas school districts consistent with TASB’s mission to promote educational excellence for Texas schoolchildren.

  18. MARCIT's “MARCIT is a pool comprised of selected governmental entities established to provide its members with risk financing mechanisms, risk management services, and educational and loss control programs in a professional and cost- effective manner, consistent with member needs, sound business practices and applicable legal parameters."

  19. Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group To provide our customers quality insurance coverages, training and risk management services through an organization owned and governed by cities and towns.

  20. Vermont League of Cities and Towns Property and Casualty Intermunicipal Fund, Inc. The Vermont League of Cities and Towns Property and Casualty Intermunicipal Fund, Inc. (VLCT PACIF), in partnership with Vermont municipalities, will provide cost effective, financially sound, comprehensive risk management programs and services of the highest quality. VLCT PACIF and its members are unfailingly committed, on a continuing basis, to improvement, innovation and strength of purpose.

  21. Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance Association The AMLJIA is a member-driven pool dedicated to providing stable, cost effective risk financing and quality loss control services, designed to meet the needs of local governments and school districts.

  22. Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency To provide quality services and coverage that gives Colorado municipalities and other public entities a unique advantage.

  23. Association of California Water Agencies Joint Powers Insurance Authority’s The ACWA/Joint Powers Insurance Authority is dedicated to consistently and cost effectively providing the broadest possible affordable insurance coverage and related services to its member agencies.

  24. New Jersey School Board Association Insurance Group The mission of the NJSBAIG, a non profit school insurance pool, is to provide the availability of insurance to the New Jersey school districts by offering the best coverage at the lowest possible cost and by providing insurance education and risk management services.

  25. Utah Risk Management Mutual Association The Utah Risk Management Mutual Association welcomes the membership of those Utah municipalities dedicated to improving their communities through the prevention and control of loss who are willing to commit time, effort and funds to protect citizens, employees and public resources

  26. Washington CitiesInsurance Authority "WCIA will take a leadership role to provide professional risk management and stable risk financing programs that respond to members' needs."

  27. Virginia Association of Counties Risk Pool Through intergovernmental cooperation, VACoRP is to provide its members with the most efficient, cost effective and innovative program possible. VACoRP must be responsive to the current and future needs of its members, while providing a stable alternative to the traditional insurance marketplace.

  28. Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association The Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association is an alliance of governmental entities committed to providing comprehensive, competitively priced insurance and risk management services to members.

  29. Valley Insurance Programs JPA The mission of Valley Insurance Program JPA is to fulfill the trust delegated by our member districts to provide comprehensive, cost effective risk management programs which protect their human and financial resources.

  30. Arizona Counties Insurance Pool The Arizona Counties Insurance Pool is dedicated to providing long-term stability in coverages, protecting member resources by stabilizing risk costs in a reliable, economical, and beneficial manner; assisting members in development of improved risk management practices; providing members control over their management of risk; and aggressively defending unjustified claims.

  31. Kentucky League of Cities The Kentucky League of Cities strengthens cities, as the hearts of communities, by promoting innovation, leadership, and quality governance.

  32. Georgia Education Workers Compensation Trust The Georgia Education Workers Compensation Trust has been established to provide a stable source for Workers Compensation Insurance for safe-working Georgia Education Facilities in the state of Georgia. The Trust will offer a full range of services, including, but not limited to, claims management, loss control, and training designed to assist Trust members in controlling work related accidents. The Trust will strive to reduce the administrative costs of workers compensation and create an environment, which encourages members to commit to long-term participation and effective loss control measures.

  33. Self-Insurers’ Security Fund It is the mission of SISF to provide continuity of Workers’ Compensation benefits to injured workers of insolvent, private self-insured companies at the lowest overall long-term cost, equitably distributed to the self-insurance community.

  34. California State University Risk Management Authority The California State University Risk Management Authority is an association of CSU and auxiliary organizations joined to protect member resources by providing broad coverage and quality risk management services that stabilize risk cost in a reliable, economical and beneficial manner.

  35. The Washington Governmental Entity Pool To serve as a risk sharing pool of local governments and special purpose districts operated and controlled by member. Our purpose is to provide stability through financial risk sharing and risk management service responsive to members’ needs.

  36. ACCG – Interlocal Risk Management Agency "It is the mission of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia to enhance the role, stature and responsiveness of county government in Georgia. Since counties are the level of government closest to the people and serve all the people of the state, ACCG will promote the ability of Georgia counties to provide public services responsibly, efficiently and cost effectively through cooperative legislative action, education of public officials, provision of quality member services and technical assistance, and increasing public awareness of critical local government issues."

  37. AMERIND Risk Management Corporation To be the premier American Indian risk management company providing culturally sensitive professional services and quality products that champion safe and secure living conditions, and contribute to economic opportunities in Indian Country.

  38. California Affiliated Risk Management Authority CARMA is dedicated to innovative approaches in providing financial protection for its public entity members against catastrophic loss.

  39. California Sanitation Risk Management Authority The California Sanitation Risk Management Authority is an association of wastewater agencies joined to protect member resources by providing broad coverage and quality risk management services that stabilize risk cost in a reliable, economical and beneficial manner.

  40. California Transit Insurance Pool CalTIP is a member-driven public sector organization dedicated to providing stable, cost-effective insurance, risk management, and safety services to public transit agencies.

  41. Cities & Villages Mutual Insurance Company Cities & Villages Mutual Insurance is a quasi-public, member oriented, owned and operated mutual liability insurance company committed to developing and maintaining stable, affordable insurance products and risk management services of the highest quality; supporting effective public services and serving the long term needs of its members.

  42. County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania The Association serves to strengthen Pennsylvania counties' ability to govern their own affairs and improve the well-being and quality of life of their constituents The Association strives to educate and inform the public, administrative, legislative and regulatory bodies, decision makers, and the media about county government.

  43. Housing Authority Risk Retention Pool HARRP's primary purpose is to provide the Members, on a consistent basis, a cooperative program of indemnification and financial protection against risks of loss relating to the properties and operations of the Members and a cooperative program of risk management.

  44. City/County Insurance Services Trust “To Deliver TRUST-worthy Results in a Trust-worthy Way”

  45. Contra Costa County Municipal Risk Management Insurance Authority • Partnering to protect the human and financial resources of our Member Cities, thereby allowing Members to continually improve their level of community services. • By: • Stabilizing rates and operational costs; •   Providing responsive, innovative and professional risk management services; •   Exercising pro-active loss control and risk prevention programs to controlcosts and provide a safe work environment; and •   Maintaining a leadership role in the JPA community.

  46. Housing Authority Insurance Group • Housing Authority Insurance Group is dedicated to: • Provide housing authorities and other affiliated or related entities with stable, affordable insurance, other programs and services of the highest quality, and to do so with integrity, dignity, and respect; • Assure members' ability to participate in the companies through board and committee membership; • Maintain fiscally sound companies which provide a reasonable rate of return.

  47. Idaho Counties Risk Management Program "Our Mission is to provide quality property and casualty liability insurance services and support to Idaho's public entities."

  48. Intergovernmental Risk Management Agency "The mission of IRMA is to provide reliable protection against human and financial losses through a self-directed and proactive partnership which delivers high quality risk management services that are professionally managed for the benefit of Members at a cost that is competitively priced."

  49. Local Government Insurance Trust The Local Government Insurance Trust mission is to provide coverage and risk management services at stable and competitive rates through an organization that is owned and managed by its local government members.

  50. M.A.I.S.L. Joint Risk Management Trust To provide stable and competitive property/liability coverage that minimizes the cost of risk to our member owners.