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Pharmacy and Psychology

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Pharmacy and Psychology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pharmacy and Psychology. Betty Chewning, PhD, FAPhA Professor, U of WI School of Pharmacy. The Learners: Pharmacy Graduate Students & Professional Students (PharmD). Is Psychology Required? Professional Students : .

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Pharmacy and Psychology

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pharmacy and psychology

Pharmacy and Psychology

Betty Chewning, PhD, FAPhA

Professor, U of WI School of Pharmacy

is psychology required professional students
Is Psychology Required?Professional Students:
  • Integrated in 1st semester course on Psycho-social Issues & Pharmacy Management
    • Patient (PT) perspective presented by PTs
    • Theory presented (Self-Efficacy, Self Regulation, HBM, Transtheoretical Model, etc.)
  • Integrated in last semester course on Patient Communication & Behaviors
    • Angry, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed PT
is psychology required graduate students
Is Psychology Required?Graduate Students:
  • Required core seminar: “Social Behavioral Theories in Pharmacy, Drug Use and Health Behavior”
    • Topics: Provider-PT relationship; communication; adherence; decision-making/concordance; social support & coping; self care/ seeking care/ self-management; provider adherence;
    • Theories: Self-Regulation; TPB; Transtheoretical Model; Health Belief Model; Social Cognitive Theory (Self-Efficacy); Social Marketing; etc.
role rationale pharmd
Role/Rationale – PharmD.
  • Psychological principles underpin skills needed for effective encounters with PTs
    • Elicit PT concerns, agendas
    • Listen actively
    • Respond empathically
    • Educate PT responsively (across diversity)
    • ID & teach PT self monitoring
    • Medication management (Pt, MD, RPh)
role rationale grad students
Role/Rationale – Grad Students
  • Prepare theory based researchers
    • Some social science grad students take our course; Our students often take theirs
  • Need to use state of the art social science research methods
    • Psychology graduate statistics courses help in addition to the sociology courses they take
role rationale grad students1
Role/Rationale Grad Students
  • Draw on scientific principles in applied pharmacy research & teaching:
    • PT perceptions
      • Roles (RPh & PT)
      • PT Models of health & how evaluate
    • PT decisions, medication use & Influences
      • Prescription meds, OTCs, CAMs
    • Multidisciplinary Communication & Marketing
special issues
Special Issues
  • We conduct translational research
  • We use findings to translate & promote best practice skills to pharmacy students
    • Example: Conversation analysis documents impact of different forms of asking patients- “Any questions?” decreases likelihood PT will ask a Q. “What questions do you have?” increases likelihood PT will ask a Q.
opportunities and barriers
Opportunities and Barriers
  • Opportunities for psychologists to teach pharmacists:
    • Pharmacy embraces interdisciplinary faculty
    • PharmD. courses: communication, statistics, psycho-social patient perspectives
    • Grad courses: social behavioral theory, methods
    • Need for researchers writing NIH grants
  • Barriers for psychologists to teach pharmacists:
    • Emphasis on translation to pharmacy applications (PT, RPh in community, clinic, & less so hospital)
    • Lack of familiarity with health care system
    • Lack of familiarity with RPh & PT roles
    • Lack of familiarity with community pharmacy
implications for psychology
Implications for Psychology
  • Identify possibilities for joint academic programs in training
    • PharmD and PhD in psychology
  • Consider more interprofessional team taught coursework
    • Both at professional and graduate level
  • Consider the discipline of health psychology both within research and education
    • Require coursework across departments
preparing for the future
Preparing for the Future
  • Health psychology, health communication, health system coursework useful
  • Strong methods background for research key
    • In research institutions it matters as much as coursework taken
role for apa
Role for APA
  • Identify examples of interdisciplinary courses featuring psychologists
  • Identify courses by psychologists in other disciplines
  • Highlight research relevant to the targeted disciplines
  • Develop a SIG for those teaching/ conducting research in other targeted disciplines
    • Encourage this group to brainstorm how to promote