it s not just boys being boys n.
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It’s not just ‘boys being boys’ PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s not just ‘boys being boys’

It’s not just ‘boys being boys’

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It’s not just ‘boys being boys’

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  1. It’s not just ‘boys being boys’

  2. What is hazing?? • force (freshman, fraternity, initiates, etc..) to do humiliating or ridiculous tasks; bully. • Form of bullying

  3. Examples • Not allowing a group of members or individuals to sleep or eat • Changing someone's appearance (i.e. forcing them to wear something or shaving their head) • Name calling, insulting, or yelling at an individual or group • Forcing an individual to use drugs or drink alcohol • Physical abuse (i.e. spanking, paddling, or swatting) • Forcing an individual to perform sexual acts • Locking an individual or group in a confined space • Prohibiting an individual or group from participating in any activity (i.e. going to school events, returning to their residence, or attending classes) • Forcing individuals to do personal errands for other members

  4. Why is it such a problem? • Hazing is a problem because it is pretty much the same thing as bullying.! • It can cause emotional and mental abuse and also physical abuse. • Its also caused death. Whether it was suicide or a humiliating task gone wrong.

  5. Where does this take place? • Hazing mostly takes place in college at frat houses. • It has taken place in clubs or groups • High school; football, baseball, soccer, volleyball; any sport or any group. • Gangs; you have to do some pretty grusome things…

  6. What does hazing consist of? • Wearing costumes • Shouting horrible things ‘Ask me about my weiner’ • Having sexual intercourse • Beating someone up/being beat. • Robbing someone • Maybe even killing someone.. • Being ducktaped to the wall • The list goes on…

  7. Pro’s and Con’s to Hazing? Pro’s Con’s Suicide Murder Emotional problems Physical abuse Make you feel small Feel bad about yourself Can cause someone else to commit suicide • There are no pro’s to hazing • Some people might say that you become a stronger person • You become tougher

  8. Frat House

  9. Statistics • At present in the United States, 44 states have anti-hazing laws. Connecticut is one of the 44 states. • Since 1970, there has been at least one hazing-related death on a college campus each year. • The first recorded incident of hazing involving sexual abuse occurred in 1983. Other hazing incidents involving sexual intimidation, nudity or stimulation, have been increasing in their frequency since 1995. • Among high school students, close to 25 percent of students reported being hazed when joining a sports team. • Eighty two percent of deaths from hazing involve alcohol.

  10. Don’t haze… Thank you!