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What to do with this PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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What to do with this PowerPoint

What to do with this PowerPoint

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What to do with this PowerPoint

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  1. What to do with this PowerPoint When you download this file in your computer, save it as typography_yourlastname.ppt (or pptx) Follow each slide For most of the slides, you will stay in PowerPoint Normal View mode (the one you have now) and follow activities, but when there is a hyperlink, you may need to change to PowerPoint Slide Show mode (or you can simply copy and paste the URL into a browser). In some slides (not all), you need to do some exercises. Just do your best. Your work here will not be graded. I want you to learn from this exercise without worrying about whether you answer right or wrong. I estimate this asynchronous activity will take about 3-4 hours.

  2. Typography

  3. Read Williams’ Chapters • 9, 10 & 11 • Feel different fonts (Missy K told us this. Thank you!) • (one min. video)

  4. Typefaces • Let’s review general categories of typefaces. • There are six common categories of typefaces. • Serif typefaces • Sans-serif typefaces • Slab-serif • Blackletter • Script • Decorative • Not every font fits in one of these categories.

  5. Serif Typefaces • It is also called oldstyle fonts. Serif fonts have two distinctive characteristics; (1) serif (pronounced “sairiff”, not “suh reef”), and (2)thick and thin transition in the strokes. Look carefully the following typeface.

  6. Serif Typefaces (continued) • Very legible, and provide improved readability by leading the eye along a line of type • Look at any Newspaper (not on-line one) main text font. • So, you can read Serif font text faster than Sans-serif font text. • Use for large bodies of text • Examine all fonts under Font Name in your PowerPoint program (if you don’t understand, see the next slide). what is Serif style font ? Name one here. • Palatino

  7. How can I find font names? • Highlight (select) any text first and see font names. PC Mac

  8. Sans-serif (no serif) • Means No-serif in French • No thick/thin transition in the strokes • Clean design, very legible • Can you name one here? (actually you are looking at one of Sans-serif typefaces now ^^) • Arial

  9. Slab Serif • Slab Serif: Sans Serif + Serif (oxymoron? ^^) See the example (kind of hybrid between Sans Serif and Serif)

  10. Script • Resemble handwriting, from formal to whimsical • Usually used for announcement, invitations, greetings, and advertisement • Find one example of Script fonts and type the name here: Apple Chancery • Why do you think script fonts are used for announcement, invitations, greetings? To give a more personal, authentic feel.

  11. Blackletter • the earliest typefaces

  12. Decorative typefaces • Here are some decorative fonts. • Distinctive, playful, etc. • However, use with caution. Do NOT recommend as the body text font.

  13. Font Family • A set of typefaces. For example, Times New Roman is one family. Under Times New Roman, there is a great variation based on • Different font size • Italics • Bold • Etc.

  14. General rules for fonts • 1-2 font families (3 is the maximum) in one design • Do not use cursive font in the main body • Why? Hard to read or takes longer time to read. • Don't set long blocks of text in italics, bold, or all caps. • Why? Hard to read or takes longer time to read. • In order to emphasize, use italics or bold instead of underlines. • why? Underlined one looks like a hyperlink. • Please read •

  15. Your exercise: Font-based Flyer • Pick only one of the following topics (green color letters), and develop a flyer in PowerPoint or Word (whatever you feel comfortable) using only words, color, and simple graphic objects(ex. square, circle, arrow, etc, but NO picture or clip art). Next slide is an example. Yes, you can use WordArt if you want. • Babysitting (your first name) 123-4567 • Math Tutoring (your first name) 234-5678 • Open a new PPT (or Word), and design single-page flyer (spend about 20 min.) • Once you’re done, save the PPT (or Word) first, and then save as a PDF file. • Because you may have used a special font, which may not be installed in other computers, you have to save it as a PDF file (graphic file). • How to save PowerPoint file as PDF file • Go to File and Save as, • When you see Save As window, find PDF under Save as type (or Format in Mac) • Save • Upload PDF file to BB

  16. Example of a flyer using only words

  17. Explore Format Text Effects (Mac) • There are more format text effects you can use. Please explore these options. • For Mac users, highlight (select) the word first, and go to Format Palette and Select this, then Format Text window will appear for more options.

  18. Explore Format Text Effects (PC) • There are more format text effects you can use. Please explore these options. • Highlight the words first, and click the right mouse button, select Format Text Effects. Format Text Effects Window will appear.

  19. Explore Animation software: goanimate • Go to • Make a video (you need to make an account first) • Seethisvideo tutorial (5 min.) • See an example of GoAnimate video • Your video should be a simple, but make-sense (meaning do not put any random words) story • Your video must • Be about 30 seconds long (actually, duration does not matter) • Have more than one actor/actress • Have more than one scene • Have emotion/gestures • Have meaningful dialogue (Using Text-to-Speech is fine) • Publish and copy and paste the URL, and post the URL when you submit this asynchronous session • I hope your PowerPoint skills apply to this video making. • Ex) Click each actor to put more actions. After putting more actions(notice different tabs including enter/exit), click X on the actor’s pane to come back to the original screen (like closing a customized animation pane)

  20. At the end of this asynchronous class, • You will upload • This powerpoint file • One page text-based PDF flyer (either Babysitting or Math tutoring) • Your GoAnimate video URL (post the URL in the comment area when you submit the other files)