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Week of September 2. CTE Bell Work. Tues/Wed, Sept. 2-3. Read the passage. It is virtually impossible to go to any public place out in the open today without hearing the chirp, buzz, or ring of a cell phone.

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tues wed sept 2 3
Tues/Wed, Sept. 2-3
  • Read the passage.
  • It is virtually impossible to go to any public place out in the open today without hearing the chirp, buzz, or ring of a cell phone.
  • Some statistics state that four out of five people over the age of 21 carry a cell phone- and the number keeps growing.
  • When a call comes through, some phones burst into the owner’s favorite song; others may imitate an old fashioned telephone ring.
  • The ringtone choices from which to select; continue to proliferate.

1. Choose the BEST alternative


B. open to everyone

C. that is not private

D. DELETE the underlined portion

2. Choose the BEST alternative


B. stating that

C. while stating that

D. have been stated that

3. Choose the LEAST acceptable

A. Exploded

B. Broke

C. Ruptured

D. Erupted

4. Choose the correct punctuation


B. select. Continue

C. select continue

D. select, continue,

thurs fri sept 3 4
Thurs/Fri, Sept. 3-4
  • Read the passage.
  • One of the newest options is the sound of various threatened and endangered animals in the world of ringtones.
  • In the hopes of inspiring and educating the younger generations, environmental groups by creating ringtones that model the clickety-click sound of the Central American poison arrow dart frog or the goose bump-raising howl of a Mexican gray wolf.
  • Even the calls of an Arctic beluga whale can be transformed into a person’s signature ring.

1. The best placement for the underlined phrase would be:

A. Where it is now

B. After the word options

C. After the word ringtones

D. After the word threatened

2. Choose the BEST alternative


B. would of created

C. having created

D. are creating

3. Which choice would be most consistent with ringtone descriptions provided elsewhere in this paragraph?


B. loud cries

C. resonating bellows

D. annoying sounds

tuesday wednesday answers
Tuesday/ Wednesday Answers
  • D: DELETE the underlined portion
    • Avoid redundancy by deleting the underlined portion. The sentence already indicates a “public place.”
    • Direct, active voice is rewarded on the ACT. The simple present tense verb is correct.
  • C: ruptured
    • While all of the answer choices are synonyms of “burst,” it is not idiomatic to say that a cell phone “ruptured” into song. The other answer choices are idiomatic.
  • H: select continue
    • No punctuation is necessary. Both answer choices F and G include incomplete clauses. The commas in answer choice J are extraneous.
thurs fri answers
  • B: after the word options

The phrase “in the world of ringtones” modifies “options.” The author is discussing options.

  • J: are creating

To maintain parallelism, use the present tense “are.”

  • C: resonating bellows

The description given for the other ringtones- “clickety-clack sound” and “goose bump-raising howl” are best matched by “resonating bellows.”