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Contamination Mitigation May 8, 2014

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Contamination Mitigation May 8, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contamination Mitigation May 8, 2014. Dan Greenwood Asset Management Consultant. Contamination Mitigation Agenda. Contamination Events of 2011 Distribution Mitigation Efforts Impact Weather Study Cumulative Wind Vector (CWV) Leakage Current Monitoring Program.

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contamination mitigation may 8 2014

Contamination MitigationMay 8, 2014

Dan Greenwood

Asset Management Consultant

contamination mitigation agenda
Contamination MitigationAgenda
  • Contamination Events of 2011
  • Distribution Mitigation Efforts
  • Impact Weather Study
  • Cumulative Wind Vector (CWV)
  • Leakage Current Monitoring Program
2011 contamination event summary
2011 Contamination Event Summary
  • Unprecedented long term drought condition
  • contamination related outages began April 25th
  • Response activities:
      • Proactive energized and de-energized washing
      • Elevated patrol response to momentary outages
      • Accelerated specialized daytime corona inspections
      • Established washing of generator leads
      • Contamination mitigation activity tracking
      • Contamination outage reporting
2011 contamination event review
2011 Contamination Event Review
  • Operational Opportunities:
    • Internal Communication (Activity coordination)
    • Resource availability (Verification of resources)
    • 3rd Party Facility Access (Notification processes)
    • Mitigation Activity Tracking (Report consolidation)
    • Program Initiation (Decision aids)
    • ImpactWeather Study (Conditional awareness)
contamination mitigation process procedures
Contamination Mitigation Process & Procedures
  • Distribution Contamination Process Document
    • Detailed process with stage table as well as procedures for washing
    • Identifies responsible individuals during process
    • Incorporates checklists for various tasks
    • Section that lists & defines acronyms for newer personnel
purchased washing trailers
Purchased Washing Trailers
  • Water Tank Size:
  • 535 gallons
  • Gas Tank Size:
  • 10 gallons
  • Max PSI:
  • 3500 PSI
  • Gallons per Minute:


cnp power washing training purpose
CNP Power Washing TrainingPurpose
  • Why Train?
    • Support preventative maintenance program
    • Protect property – CNP and Public
    • Do the job safely
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Operate power washer to clean energized circuit
    • Inspect that work has been completed
    • Minimize damage to equipment
    • All of the above done in accordance to IEEE Standard 957 “Guide for Cleaning Insulators”
additional contamination mitigation tools
Additional Contamination Mitigation Tools
  • Sea Spray Polymer Insulator Program
    • Polymer insulators carry hydrophobic properties that allows moisture to bead up thus reducing tracking/leakage currents
    • Program consists of replacing insulators during pole replacement or new pole installation
  • Infrared Camera Inspection Program
    • When requested by the service center particular known hot spots/critical locations are scanned
  • Corona Camera Inspection Program
    • Inspections performed as necessary during fall/winter and minimally performed bi-weekly during spring/summer
    • Camera detects ionization of air surrounding an electrical field caused by a mixture of contaminants and water
impactweather study objectives
ImpactWeather Study Objectives
  • Primary focus was on comparing the total monthly contaminated line outages reported in 2011 to a set of environmental variables that included:
    • Precipitation, temperature, dew point, humidity and wind speed
  • What contributed to the outages of 2011
    • Substantially varying mean & cumulative environmental conditions
      • Lack of appreciable rainfall
      • Considerably higher than normal surface wind speeds
      • Conditions near or at saturation during overnight and early morning hours
        • Wetting due to high levels of humidity
impactweather study objectives1
ImpactWeather Study Objectives
  • Establish correlated–linear relationship between the following:
      • Line contamination incidents
      • Frequency and timing of natural line-washing events
      • Environmental variables:
        • Wind direction - Southeast most detrimental
        • Wind speed - Influences rate of deposition
        • Daily rain fall totals which promote insulator cleaning - Greater than 0.25” per ImpactWeather promotes insulator cleaning
  • A longer term goal of developing a model to predict probabilities of line-contamination outages
cumulative wind vector cwv what is it
Cumulative Wind Vector (CWV) What is It?
  • Based on Average Daily Wind Speed and Direction












cwv hypothesis testing back cast
CWV Hypothesis TestingBack Cast





Region of Susceptibility

leakage current monitoring initial pilot
Leakage Current MonitoringInitial Pilot
  • Had to identify 4 sites
  • One base station per site
  • 30 sensors per site
  • Base station & sensors within half a kilometer from each other
leakage current monitoring sensor attachment types
Leakage Current Monitoring Sensor Attachment Types

Post Insulators

Suspension Insulators

leakage current monitoring objectives
Leakage Current Monitoring Objectives
  • Short Term
    • Is there an event underway with a high risk of flashover?
  • Medium Term
    • Is Washing Necessary? Can we actively predict it’s necessity?
  • Long Term
    • Is there Insulator Degradation?
contamination mitigation lesson s learned next steps
Contamination Mitigation Lesson’s Learned & Next Steps
  • Program Continuous Improvement
    • Advanced preparation allows for both internal and external notifications
    • Well established Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
    • Ongoing review of Contamination Mitigation Program
  • Cumulative Wind Vector (CWV) Trending
    • Model refinement based on visual inspections to lead to decision making across various ops organizations built upon objective data
    • Notification levels and response training
    • Localized coastal and industrial contamination
    • Short-term conditional forecasting based on extended weather outlook