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Modern Customer Service

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Modern Customer Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Modern Customer Service
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  1. Modern Customer Service [TGS8854] JP Saunders / SrDir Product Strategy Kim Kvanvig Life Sciences Industry Business Unit Oracle Service Cloud Sept, OOW 2014

  2. Checking The Pulse On Life Sciences Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  3. Your World Has Changed Forever Empowered Customers Channels, Devices, Technologies & Behaviors Digital is Humanized Knowledge Everywhere 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s WHAT’S NEXT Internet of Things Harder To Differentiate, Compete & Win Mobile as Primary Channel Cross-Channel Service

  4. More Channels, More Choice, More Access Most Customers Cross Many Channels 75% of consumers use 3 or more channels 25% of consumers use less than 3 channels 1 channel 2 channels 3 channels 4 channels 5 or more channels *Source: Ovum

  5. Life Sciences Isn't Isolated From The Change The Changes Just Take Longer Physicians doing their own research using the internet Companies are reducing direct sales in the field Mobile is now the preferred platform for physicians Companies are using private communities to build support groups and increase brand loyalty Oracle Confidential – Internal

  6. June 2014 1st time FDA Formal Social Media Guidance Recommending You To 1. Communicate both benefit and risk information on Internet/social media platforms “with character space limitation” 2. Correct independent third party misinformation about a firm’s products. In January 2014, FDA announced loosening social media controls Life Sciences is the 3rd largest industry conversation on the Social Web Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  7. Customers / Patients Aren't Waiting For FDA Approval They are willing and empowered to break tradition, and even break the rules to get the better experience they expect. ANYTIME ACCESS UNLIMITED DATA GLOBAL INFORMATION TRUSTED NETWORK ADVISORS Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  8. What Your Customers/Patients Expect On Every Channel • Access on their terms • Consistent information • A clear path to an help • Know the facts about them • Don’t make them repeat • Access to their peers • Protect their privacy And Someone Will Deliver

  9. Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  10. Your Competitors Are Pushing The Boundaries 80% of Life Science Organizations Not Engaging In Social Recruiting Patient Opinion Leaders on Social Media to educate, promote and identify opportunities to engage. 87% of Sales Conversations Lasting Less Than 2mins 75% of HCPs Own A Tablet Or Smart Phone Device Creating Mobile apps and social communities that allow them engage in sales directly with customers and patients online. 75% of Customers Using more than 3 Channels To Engage Leveraging Cloud to introduce and connect digital engagement channels that lower the effort to get to market faster and cheaper. Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  11. Grabbing The Opportunity To Personalize The Experience Decreasing Sedation Rates Better Diagnosis Results Improved Experiences Reduced Cost

  12. Solve Problems Differently Be Able To Change As Fast As Your Customers Do only 60% 98% 29% of customers move between devices in the same day. 52% use 3 to 4 channels. Can you serve them? of IT organizations say inflexible technology prevents them from adapting to business needs. How fast can you change? of your employees will recommend your company. Employees who deal directly with customers are the least engaged Are they empowered? Sources: Google “The New Multi-Screen World”, Ovum “Optimizing Customer Service in a Multi-Channel World”, Oracle CX Survey, 2013.

  13. Oracle Solutions Modernize Business Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  14. Oracle CX Helps Businesses Become Modern

  15. Starting With Customer Service Simplified user experience for call center agents and field service personnel Single knowledgebase for ALL users internal and external Alternate channels - Click-to-Chat, Self Service, Social Oracle Service Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  16. #1 Customer Service & Support Cloud Platform ORACLE COMMERCE CLOUD ORACLE SERVICE CLOUD ORACLE MARKETING CLOUD ORACLE SOCIAL CLOUD ORACLE SALES CLOUD Field Service Web Customer Service Cross Channel Contact Center Knowledge Management Policy Automation Service Cloud Platform

  17. The Power of Customer Knowledge • Web & Mobile Self-Service • Virtual Assistant • Social Self-Service • Live Chat & Co-Browse • Email Support • Smart Engagement Self-Service for Facebook • Connect and engage with your customers in the web’s largest community Community • Create a community where customers can help each other • Moderate and identify best answers • Add ideation community spaces where customers can share ideas for new products & services

  18. Proactive Social Customer Service • Incident Management • Guided Resolution • Social Engagement • Customer Engagement • Analytics • Telephony Control • Unified Agent Desktop • Mobile Desktop Social Monitor • Search the social web to find customers in search of answers • Identify & escalate posts to be worked as cases • Post a reply to quickly solve customer issues & avoid negative sentiment • Monitor Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any social site with an RSS feed Social Profile • Understand customer interests • Leverage social learnings and provide personalized service Social Collaboration • Agent can collaborate across entire organization to establish expertise and solve issues faster

  19. Author Once, Deploy Everywhere • Content Authoring • Search • Guided Knowledge • Knowledge Analytics • Integrated to Oracle CX • Knowledge APIs Authoring Workflow • Adhere to KCS authoring principles • Collaborate with peers to create content and track version history • Ensure content consistency with templates and layouts Access & Security • Control visibility to knowledge articles by public, private and group access Global Scale • Author and manage content across multiple languages • Publish content by brand or region

  20. Personalize Your Customer Interactions • Dynamic Interviews • Rule Modeling • Compliance Management • Policy Lifecycle • Integration Services • Policy Analytics Personalized Advice • Provide precise advice tailored for each customer • Collect customer data more accurately and efficiently Intelligent Interviews • Build and pre-fill Interviews to only show relevant data and fields Cross Channel Consistency • Ensure a consistent experience regardless of channel – self-service, call center, mobile, or in-person Personalized Explanations • Provide documents that record and explain decisions

  21. Mission-Critical Cloud Delivery • Application Platform • Agent Experience Design • Customer Experience Design • Extensibility • Integration • Cloud Delivery • Site & Operations Management • Global Scale Secure • Industry leading security compliance • The only cloud solution operating inside the US Dept of Defense Reliable • Mission critical reliability • Carrier-grade hosting facilities Redundant • Data redundancy & disaster recovery across multiple geographic locations • No single points of failure for continuous availability PCI Certified CLOUD Government CLOUD US DoD CLOUD Commercial CLOUD

  22. “Oracle Service Cloud has features which provide the capabilities for companies to achieve and maintain compliance with Part 11 in their systems.” • Kevin Foley, Sr. GxP Auditor, US Data Management • * * USDM based guidance on Incident Thread integrity, same as HIPAA is positioned * * Oracle Confidential – Internal


  24. Come Join Me On Tuesday at 5:30pm And Discover How To Build Your Roadmap to Modern @OOW14 #CON10321 Moscone West - 3000 Or Visit The “Roadmap To Modern” Demo Booth

  25. Achieve A Better CX With Modern Life Sciences 1. Define AValue Strategy • Identify the most critical information that drives the highest value across the business 2. Mature Your Engagement Strategy • Move away from silo thinking and initiatives and focus on the connectivity of channels, data and engagements. 3. Build Your Roadmap To Modern • Determine the technology trends that will have the biggest impact on the industry and your organization. Identify the risk/reward/ investment and maturity approaches to their adoption. 4. Embrace Social Media • Collaboration, listening, peer networking, private communities… So many ways to leverage Social 5. Innovate On Mobile • Mobilize your workforce, Mobile enable your customers, mobile engage your patients. Differentiate your brand with the mobile experience. 6.Leverage Cloud • From outsourced compliance costs, to introduction of new digital channels, Cloud SaaS, PaaS gives you a platform to take advantage of staying ahead of the technology curve. Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted