John cabot s exploration
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John Cabot’s Exploration. By Alex N., Ian, And Jordan. Personal Information of John Cabot.

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John cabot s exploration

John Cabot’s Exploration

By Alex N., Ian, And Jordan

Personal information of john cabot
Personal Information of John Cabot

John Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy in about 1450. When he was a kid, he moved to Venice, Italy. He was interested in exploring, because many people went to go find riches and he wanted to follow in their footsteps. When he was young he was a merchant and when he got older he was a navigator.

The purpose of john cabot setting sail
The Purpose of John Cabot setting sail

The purpose of John Cabot setting sail was to find a route to Asia, but he ended up in America and started in Bristol, England. He also was trying to find more land for England. The importance of his discovery was that it showed that there might be other lands to be discovered.

This is the trade route that John Cabot took.

John cabot s life
John Cabot’s Life

John Cabot married a girl named Mattea and had three sons Ludovico, Sebastian, and Santo. After his first voyage to America he came back to England to go ask for another voyage and they said yes. After that him and three hundred other men set sail and they were never heard from again.


John Cabot was able to map out the east coast of North America and he was able to map out the way to get to North America and the way back to the west side of England. He also brought 300 hundred crew members on the way.

The obstacles he faced
The obstacles he faced

John Cabot faced many obstacles such as weather (storms) and a lack of fresh water and food. John Cabot never made contact with Native Americans

John cabot s voyage
John Cabot’s Voyage

John Cabot had 2 voyages. His first voyage was from Bristol, England to the east coast of North America he also was able to map where he was. On his second voyage he went to find more land but on that voyage he disappeared.

John cabot s exploration


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