research administration spreadsheets and other tools
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Research Administration Spreadsheets and Other Tools

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Research Administration Spreadsheets and Other Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Research Administration Spreadsheets and Other Tools. CALS Research Division CALS Business Services August 16, 2007. Today’s session will cover:. Tracking systems/query tools Spreadsheets Templates Forms Agreements

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research administration spreadsheets and other tools

Research Administration Spreadsheets andOther Tools

CALS Research Division

CALS Business Services

August 16, 2007

today s session will cover
Today’s session will cover:
  • Tracking systems/query tools
  • Spreadsheets
  • Templates
  • Forms
  • Agreements
  • Reference materials
  • Some 3270 information
  • Hot topics
  • Questions/suggestions
tracking systems query tools
Tracking systems/Query tools


Proposal Search

All Awards Search

Recent Awards Search

Sub-Award Tracking System Search

Sub-Account Search

Accountant Search

rsp s proposal tracking system
RSP’s Proposal Tracking System


Pre-Award Login System

Easy access to information regarding the routing of submissions and the status of award negotiations, actions, advance account numbers, etc.

proposal search
Proposal Search

Search form for proposals

Use this tool to search the Extramural Support Information System (ESIS) for current proposals.

It is recommended that you use PALS for proposals submitted to RSP since July 2003.

all award search
All Award Search

Search form for all fund accounts

Use this tool to search the Extramural Support Information System (ESIS) for active or inactive awards.

recent awards search
Recent Awards Search

Search form for all fund accounts

Use this tool to search the Extramural Support Information System (ESIS) for Notices (Regent Notices) for new accounts or additions to current accounts.

Note: Only accounts with activity generating a Regent Notice are included.

sub award search
Sub-Award Search

Search form for all fund accounts

Use this tool to search for a specific subaward or for a summary of subawards under a specific award.

sub account search
Sub-Account Search

Search sub-accounts within an award.

Use this tool to search for a specific award to determine the sub-accounts established on campus under that specific award.

For this search, access an active detail of account screen – if the account has an active agency number, click on the link for a sub-account summary.

accountant search
Accountant Search

Search form for RSP Accountants

Use this tool to determine who the Accountant is at RSP who handles a specific account.

other query tools
Other query tools

Academic staff with Permanent PI status

College and School research contacts

Human subjects training verification

Outside activity reports

SFS add-on tools



RSP offers several spreadsheets which are useful tools for budget preparation.

See RSP’s Budget Tools

or RSP’s Forms: Proposal Development

  • Standard budget: this spreadsheet should be used in all cases where the extramural sponsor does not have a prescribed budget form. This tool provides a budget page that can be included with proposals and matches the reporting capabilities of our financial system.


2. NIH budget: this spreadsheet may be used to assist in the preparation of NIH Modular budgets. This correctly calculates the number of modules you should request for your project, including the associated F&A costs. This can them be used on the NIH grant application.


3. 424 R&R budget: this spreadsheet should be used to assist in the preparation of applications or other applications requiring use of the 424 R&R form set.

4. Individual developed spreadsheets.

templates forms

Both RSP’s and CALS’ websites offer a variety of forms and templates for letters/documents which may be required and/or useful as individuals manage their sponsored projects.



templates forms26

Account number in advance (88-1)

Cost sharing information (80-2)

Gift acknowledgment letter

Gift in-kind transmittal (84-1)

Human subjects training certification letter

Intent to establish consortium

Intellectual property agreement for project participants

templates forms27

Internal transfer for proposals/grants

Invention disclosure

Justification for use of off-campus F&A rate

Letter of commitment

Letter of intent

Match form

No-cost extension request

Non-salary cost transfer

templates forms28

PI change request

Provisional request for time extension

Researcher compliance agreement

Rebudgeting request

Residual balance – moving to unrestricted accounts

Request for limited PI status

Salary transfer

Sub-account request

templates forms29

Tax exempt letter

Transmittal form (UW2006-5)

Transmittal form for $0 appointees

WSMB-MOU request for changes


RSP offers several standard agreement templates which are useful tools for developing a contractual agreement with industry sponsors.

For instructions and templates, see RSP’s

Forms: Agreements


Clinical trial agreement, standard

Material transfer agreement

Standard research agreement

In addition to these, there are has several other agreement formats available, see CALS Forms: Agreements


Confidential protocols

Equipment loan/product evaluation

Facilities use agreement

Training agreement

USDA-ARS specific cooperative agreement

Wisconsin Soybean Board agreement

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board agreement


And, to amend a current agreement, an Amendment template may be acceptable to the sponsor -- see CALS Forms: Agreements

reference materials
Reference Materials

CALS research related policies & procedures

RSP extramural support policies & procedures

Official RSP notices

reference materials35
Reference Materials

F&A, fringe benefit, &other research related rates

Graduate School policies & procedures

Research Policy Advisory Council (RPAC)

reference materials36
Reference Materials

Financial & administrative policies

UW System Fiscal and Accounting General Records Schedule

Federal agency regulations

reference materials37
Reference Materials

OBM circulars:

A-21 Cost principles for educational institutions

A-110 Uniform administrative requirements for grants and agreements with institutions of higher education, hospitals and other non-profit organizations

A-133 Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations

reference materials38
Reference Materials

RSP workshops, training, & educational resources

Graduate School seminar series

CALS training, workshops, & educational resources

esis expenditure end codes
ESIS Expenditure End Codes

These are “end dates” indicating through which Year expenditures may occur.

Code 99 = open ended; can spend out without a date limitation; these are typically gift accounts.

Code 00 = the “End Date” of the award is absolute; expenditures occurring after the end date are not allowed.

esis expenditure end codes44
ESIS Expenditure End Codes

Codes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 = how many months after the “end date” expenditures may occur; this often appears in relationship to a Provisional Expenditure request, pending official extension from a sponsor/agency.

esis f a codes
ESIS F&A Codes

A = none

B = salary and wages base

C = total direct costs

D = total direct costs

E = total direct costs

F = salaries, wages, and fringe benefits

G = modified total direct costs

See Handout for Legacy/SFS Class Code Details

esis document type codes
ESIS Document Type Codes

Blank – type not known

1 = grant for funds 144, 145, 146, 149

2 = gift/grant for fund 133

3 = cost reimbursable contract

4 = fixed price contract

5 = endowment fund 161

6 = other agreements (purchase orders, etc.)

other esis information
Other ESIS Information

Project Type Category:

If “TR” = Tuition Remission NOT allowed

If no Regent Date = account in advance status; award not fully executed

Donor Type See Handout for list of Donor Types

hot topics
Hot Topics

Effort reporting

Grants project

WISPER – electronic routing is coming2008!