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Interview Skills Discussion

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Interview Skills Discussion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interview Skills Discussion. What subconscious signals am I sending?. NOTE:. Please take notes during the discussions and activities. You will be using them for the activity at the end of the slideshow. Review: Walking into a room. Class Discussion:

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interview skills discussion

Interview Skills Discussion

What subconscious signals am I sending?

  • Please take notes during the discussions and activities. You will be using them for the activity at the end of the slideshow.
review walking into a room
Review: Walking into a room
  • Class Discussion:
  • How do we walk into a room? What are some points to remember?
  • Why is this important?


body language
Body Language
  • Freeze! How are you sitting right now? What signals might that send?
  • What does your posture say about you?
  • Checklist for good posture:
  • Create your own 3-point checklist
  • Share in your groups
  • Combine to make a 5-point checklist
  • Each group share with the class
  • Record good points as each group shares
what s in a face
What’s in a face?
  • Don’t talk! Silence!
  • Everyone practice these facial expressions:
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Neutral
  • Attentive and Open
  • You are walking into a job interview. What should your face look like? What are some good emotions to portray?
  • Discuss and list in your groups
  • Draw a summary of your discussion to share with the class, i.e. draw a face and label, then hold it up for the class and describe
introducing yourself
Introducing Yourself
  • Class Brainstorm:

What do we do when we introduce ourselves?

As the class discusses, list good points.

  • Act out some good introductions in your group.
  • Write out a concise introduction of yourself
  • What does this word mean?
  • What kind of vocabulary should you avoid at school? At work? During a formal interview?


* Discuss: formal courtesies. What do they mean? Why are they important?

* Discuss: what does it mean to be polite? Practice in your groups.

leaving a room
Leaving a Room
  • How would you leave an interview? Think, Pair, Share.

Class Discussion.

  • Handshakes:

What makes a good handshake? Practice

  • Summarize what we have discussed today. From this summary, make yourself a “Do” and “Don’t” checklist for the Catwalk. This is due next class.
  • Minimum 10 points for “Do,” 5 points for “Don’t.”