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Interview Skills

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Interview Skills. Pesewa Presentations. Objectives. Understand what to expect from and how to prepare for a typical interview Increase knowledge of interview questions you might face, through asking and answering typical interview questions. Agenda. Preparing for interviews

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interview skills

Interview Skills

Pesewa Presentations

  • Understand what to expect from and how to prepare for a typical interview
  • Increase knowledge of interview questions you might face, through asking and answering typical interview questions
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Creating a positive impact
  • Handling interview questions
interview success depends on
Interview success depends on:
  • Good preparation and research
  • Creating a positive impact
  • Strong answers to interview questions
  • Employer research
    • Website (not just careers pages)
    • Use links from CIB website
    • Business news
    • Contacts
  • Preparation on yourself
    • Go through your application/CV
    • Evidence of how you meet criteria
    • Why do you want this role/company?
creating a positive impact
Creating a positive impact
  • First impressions and body language - confident, calm, friendly, positive (the employer is thinking whether they can imagine you with one of their clients, will you fit in with the team?)
  • But – be yourself
interview questions to expect
Interview Questions to expect
  • Questions about your experience
    • Professional experience and achievements
    • Projects, technical expertise etc
  • Competency questions
    • E.g. “Describe a time when …”
    • Gives evidence from your past experiences that shows whether you have the potential for the job
interview questions to expect1
Interview Questions to expect
  • Career motivation examples:
    • Why are you applying for the job?
    • Why are you interested in this company?
    • How do you see your career developing?
    • Why are you taking an MBA?
    • Why did you leave your last job?
    • What are you looking for in your next role?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 / 10 years time?
interview questions to expect2
Interview Questions to expect
  • “Self reflection” questions
    • Such as: What has been your greatest achievement? What development needs do you have? Tell me about yourself. What skills can you bring to the job?……..
  • Business awareness
    • Knowledge of current business issues affecting the organisation and the sector
interview questions to expect3
Interview Questions to expect
  • Case study and problem solving questions (e.g. for consulting roles)
    • Listen carefully
    • Make notes (if applicable)
    • For case discussions - ask questions and don’t make assumptions
    • For “guesstimates” – show your assumptions and step by step process
    • Talk through your thought process
    • Show a logical approach
    • Take your time
    • Don’t panic!
when answering questions
When answering questions…
  • Use your natural style of speaking, not a rehearsed script
  • Ask for clarification or repetition if you are not clear what has been asked
  • It’s OK to pause and consider your answer
  • Listen carefully so that you can keep your answer focused
exercise practising interview questions
Exercise – Practising interview questions
  • Work in pairs – interviewer and interviewee (you will take a turn at each role)
  • 10 minute interview – select questions from sheet (you don’t need to use every question)
  • 5 minute feedback / discussion
  • Note down learning points or questions