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AUSTRIAN — ITALIAN JOURNEY. By Wen-Chung Chiang. January 11 – January 28, 2004. Lucca. San Gimignano. Siena. Vienna ( Wien , 維也納 ).

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  1. AUSTRIAN —ITALIAN JOURNEY • By Wen-Chung Chiang January 11 – January 28, 2004

  2. Lucca San Gimignano Siena

  3. Vienna (Wien, 維也納) I have been in Wien several times. To me, its prestige has always been due above all to the musical tradition preserved by the Opera and its famous orchestras. Unfortunately in the past times when I was Wien, most musical activities were also closed for summer vacations. This year was the first time I attended a Wiener Philharmoniker concert in the acoustically perfect Großer Musikvereinssaal, and a production of Richard Strauss’ “Der Rosenkavalier” in the Wiener Staatoper. Both performances were extraordinary and they marked the highlights of our brief two-day stay in the city.

  4. Two lovely ladies posing in the Graben area of Wien. The end of the road stands the Dome of Michaelertor, the entrance to the Hofburg.

  5. The magnificent carved stone Virgin Mary (above) and pulpit (right) of Stephansdom, Wien

  6. Program of the Wiener Philharmoniker concert on January 12, 2004

  7. Program of the Wiener Staatoper performance on January 13, 2004

  8. Venice (Venezia, 威尼斯) The scenic sights along the railroad crossing the Alps from Wien, Austria to Venezia, Italy were well worth the duration of almost eight hours sitting in the train. The journey began at 9 AM in the morning in Wien, and when we arrived in Venezia, the sun already set. We had explored Venezia extensively last year, so we spent only one night and one half day in the city this time. A casual walk in Venezia, browsing in little specialty shops, sipping a cup of Cappuccino and tasting various kinds of Panini, was nothing short of delights.

  9. One never gets tired of such kind of view typical in Venezia— old buildings, bridges and reflected images in the canal. In fact, Venezia kept surprising me no matter how many times I had visited it.

  10. Ca’ d’Oro (Golden House), Venezia. Although it has lost the gilded decoration which gave it its name, the mansion retains an elegant façade in the ornate Gothic style.

  11. Milan (Milano, 米蘭) Set in the heart of northern Italy at the foot of the Alps, Milano is the second largest city of the country, and the capital of Italian fashion. We had planned a short stay in Milano for the purpose of seeing an opera in Teatro alla Scala, the most famous opera in the world. Unfortunately the theater was in the process of a major renovation, therefore all performances were moved to another venue quite off the city center. Well, that gave us a strong excuse to come back again.

  12. Duomo, Milano. The Cathedral marks the climax of architecture of the Gothic period. Magnificent !

  13. Castello Sforzesco, Milano.This huge brick quadrilateral building now houses several museums.

  14. Museo degli strumenti musicali, Castello Sforzesco, Milano— An extensive collection of musical instruments. Above: Glass Harmonica.

  15. Museo degli strumenti musicali, Castello Sforzesco, Milano. Above: Clavicembalo. Right: An ancient organ.

  16. Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milano. In the former refectory of this Renaissance church is the famous painting “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.

  17. One week in Tuscany (Toscana) Toscana is not just a frozen Renaissance portrait but a living procession of daily lives with artistic setting, gourmet food and more. The recent movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” casted by Dianne Lane might give you some taste of how lives are on this marvelous land. We’re very pleased that we had a week in Toscana. We accommodated ourselves in a nice hotel in Firenze (Florence) and commuted between Firenze and nearby towns such as Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, and Lucca. Of course Firenze was full of fun by itself alone…

  18. • Florence (Firenze, 翡冷翠 ) Santa Groce & Dante Statue, Firenze. The church and the cloisters of Santa Groce give onto one of the town’s oldest squares, dated back in 1294.

  19. The 18C monument of Marchiavelli (d 1527), S. Groce The tomb of Michelangelo (d 1564), Santa Groce

  20. The tomb of Rossini (d 1868), Santa Groce The tomb of Galileo (d 1642), Santa Groce

  21. Above:San Miniato al Monte, one of the oldest churches in Firenze dominating a hilltop. Right:Firenze, viewed from Piazzale Michelangelo

  22. The splendid golden mosaics on the dome of Battistero, S. Maria del Fiore, Firenze

  23. • Siena (席恩那) In July 1944 American and French troops surrounded Siena and forced the city to surrender. General Monsambert ordered troops not to “let any shells fall on Siena, otherwise you’ll be shot”. It’s a good story telling the historic and artistic treasures of Siena. Right:Piazza del Campo. All roads in Siena lead to this shell-like piazza.

  24. Above:Piazza del Campo; Right:Palazzo Pubblico & Torre on Piazza del Campo, Siena.

  25. Duomo, Siena. German composer Richard Wagner was so affected that he burst into tears at the sight of this cathedral.

  26. • Pisa (比薩) Battistero, Piazza dei Miracoli

  27. Battistero, Duomo, & Torre Pendente (Leaning Tower) on Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa

  28. Duomo, Pisa

  29. Camposanto & one of its wall frescoes, Pisa. This burial ground of Pisa was begun in 1277 by Giovanni di Simone, one of the architects of the leaning tower. Its galleries were paved with about 600 tombstones.

  30. • San Gimignano San Gimignano stands on a hilltop in the Tuscan countryside where vineyards flourish. The town looks very impressive when you approach it from below. The numerous Medieval towers have earned it the nickname “San Gimignano dalle belle torri (of the Fine Towers)”. Right:Piazza della Cisterna, San Gimignano

  31. San Gimignano wears a “crown of towers”

  32. • Lucca (盧卡) Lucca has a rich heritage of churches, palaces, squares and streets which gives the town a charming air, unscathed by contemporary developments. Right:Duomo, Lucca. The cathedral, dedicated to St. Martin, was rebuilt in the 11C.

  33. Lucca, viewed from Torre Guinigi, the highest point in town.

  34. The Pisan Romanesque façade of San Michele, Lucca

  35. The visit of Lucca was not complete without a touch of Puccini. Giacomo Puccini was born in 1858 in the house behind the statue, under reconstruction at the time when we were there.

  36. • ROME (ROMA, 羅馬) Roma was our last stop before heading for home. Since we had been in Roma for an entire week last year, the pictures shown here do not necessarily represent the most popular attractions of the eternal city. Right: The beautiful statue posts of Palazzo Barberini

  37. Basilica di San Pietro, Vaticano. Viewed from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo, Roma

  38. An interesting garden decoration/ statue shop in Roma

  39. Fontana dei Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers), Piazza Navona, Roma. The four river statues – Danube, Ganges, Rio de la Plata and Nile, created by Baroque master Bernini, all turn their backs against Sant’Agnese in Agone (under reconstruction in the pictures), designed by Bernini’s opponent Borromini.

  40. 日期 行程 住宿 1/11 日 江、鍾:Taipei (EVA Air BR 61; 21:05)→ Wien (Vienna) 曼谷轉機 Paul & Sansan: Kaohsiung (EVA Air BR 908; 16:00)→ Taipei (16:50) Taipei (EVA Air BR 61; 21:05)→ Wien (Vienna) 曼谷轉機 奧地利國碼:43 義大利國碼:39 以下訂房皆為二間雙人房 所列價目為每房每晚(單位:歐元) 1/12 一 Arrival in Wien (6:45). City tour in Wien Concert at Großer Musikvereinssaal (19:30) Wiener Philharmoniker/ Sir Simon Rattle Schumann: Abendlied/ Szymanowski: Stabat Mater/ Bruckner: Symphonie Nr. 4, Es-Dur, WAB 104, "Romantische" Wien (Vienna) 奧地利 Pension Lerner (EUR 65.00) Wipplingerstraß 23, A-1010, Wien tel : +43 1 533 52 19 fax : +43 1 533 56 78 info@pensionlerner.com 1/13 二 Wien Opera at Wiener Staatoper (18:30) R. Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier Wien (Vienna) 奧地利 Pension Lerner 1/14 三 Wien, Sudbahnhof (train EC31;8:57)→ Venezia, S. Lucia (16:43) *Dinner at Taverna San Trovaso Venezia (Venice) 義大利 Hotel Continental (***) (EUR 71.00) Lista di Spagna 166, 30121 Venezia tel : +39-041-715122 R.A. fax: +39-041-5242432 continental@ve.nettuno.it Conf#: 99372328、101456405 1/15 四 1/2 day glimpse of Venezia Venezia, S. Lucia (train ES*9494;14:22)→ Milano, Centrale (17:05) Milano (Milan) 義大利 Hotel Garda (***) (EUR 67.00) Via Napo Torriani 21, 20124 Milano garda@italyhotel.com fax: +39-02-66982576 tel: +39-02-66982626 Conf #: 763328 APPENDIX 2004 Winter Itinerary for 江文中、鍾家瑋、Paul SanGregory & Sansan Y. Chien

  41. 1/16 五 City tour in Milano Attend an opera at Teatro alla Scala: “Turandot” by Puccini Milano (Milan) 義大利 Hotel Garda (***) 1/17 六 Milano, Centrale (ES*9431;9:00)→ Firenze, S.M. Novella (11:45) *以下數日將以Firenze為中心前往San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa 與Sienna 諸城 Firenze (Florence) 義大利 Alba Hotel (***) (EUR 70.00) Via della scala 22, Firenze 50123 Tel: 055-282.610 fax: 055-288.358 Hotel.alba@firenzealbergo.it 1/18 日 Firenze Firenze (Florence) 義大利 Alba Hotel (***) 1/19 一 Siena (by bus) Firenze (Florence) 義大利 Alba Hotel (***) 1/20 二 Pisa (by train) Firenze (Florence) 義大利 Alba Hotel (***) 1/21 三 San Gimignano (by bus) Firenze (Florence) 義大利 Alba Hotel (***) 1/22 四 Lucca (by train) Firenze (Florence) 義大利 Alba Hotel (***) 1/23 五 other Tuscany towns we didn’t visit last time Firenze (Florence) 義大利 Alba Hotel (***) 1/24 六 Firenze, S.M. Novella (ES*9307;10:10)→ Roma, Termini (11:50) Roma (Rome) 義大利 Hotel Tempio di Pallade (***) (EUR 55)/ Via G. Giolitti 425, 00185 Roma tempiodipallade@italyhotel.com fax: +39-06-77072040 tel: +39-06-70451521 Conf #: 763334 1/25 日 Roma Roma (Rome) 義大利 Hotel Tempio di Pallade (***)

  42. 1/26 一 Roma 拜訪王克祿神父 Attend an opera at Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Roma (Rome) 義大利 Hotel Tempio di Pallade (***) 1/27 二 Roma (British Airway BA 559; 17:10)→ London (18:55) London (EVA Air BR 68; 21:30) 1/28 三 → Taipei (21:25)曼谷轉機 Paul & Sansan: Taipei (EVA Air BR 909; 22:50)→ Kaohsiung (23:40) Drafted by Wen-C Chiang, 1/7/2004 白玲夌:Tel:(00431) 9201304 Email:a9071006@unet.univie.ac.at 王克祿神父(Mons. G. Wang):Lungotevere dei Vallati, 2, 00186 Roma, Italy (Tel: 066867672) (From Termini station, take bus #64 or 40 to largo Argentina) 近代旅行社周小姐Tel: (02) 2517-5886 安泰保險李韋昌Tel: (02) 2595-3913 ext. 203 Mobile: 0932-008-960 駐奧地利台北代表處:Wagramerstr. Strasse 19, 11 OG.,1220 Vienna ,Austria 電話:(002-43-1) 212-4720 緊急電話:002-43-664-3450455 傳真:(002-43-1) 212-4703 駐義大利台北代表處:Via Panama 22, P.1 Int. 3, 00198 Roma, Italia 電話:(002-39-06) 884-1362 緊急電話:(002-39-06)8841372, 8841132 傳真:(002-39-06) 884-5772 EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES in vienna Boltzmanngasse 16, A-1090 ViennaTel.: (+43-1) 31339-0, Fax: (+43-1) 310 06 82E-mail: embassy@usembassy.at

  43. Rome - EMBASSY US EmbassyVia Vittorio Veneto 119/A00187 Roma Italy Telephone: (+39) 06.4674.1Fax: (+39) 06.4882.672 or 06.4674.2356 Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM Florence - CONSULATE US ConsulateLungarno Vespucci, 3850123 FIRENZE Italy Telephone: +39 055-239-8276Fax: +39 055-284-088 Hours: 9:00-12:30 and 2:00-3:30 Restaurant of Rome:Osteria “da Luciano” via Giovanni Amendola, 73-75 (06-48 81 640) Restaurant of Florence:Ristorante Montecatini, via dei Leoni, 6/R (055-28 48 63) Restaurant of Venice:Taverna San Trovaso, Dorso Duro, 1016 (041-52 03 703) • References • The Green Guide - Italy, Michelin Travel Publications, UK, 2001 • Inside Guides: Tuscany, Discovery Channel, APA Publications GmbH & Co., 1998; Updated 2002 • 知性之旅 - 羅馬, Discovery Channel, APA Publications GmbH & Co., 1999

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