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Room 307 Newsletter Mrs. Etrheim, March 3 rd – 7 th PowerPoint Presentation
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Room 307 Newsletter Mrs. Etrheim, March 3 rd – 7 th

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Room 307 Newsletter Mrs. Etrheim, March 3 rd – 7 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Room 307 Newsletter Mrs. Etrheim, March 3 rd – 7 th.

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Room 307 Newsletter

Mrs. Etrheim, March 3rd – 7th

Friday, February 28th marks the mid-term point of the third quarter. In turn, progress reports will be sent home with students on Monday, March 3rd. You can always check your fourth grader’s progress on GradeSpeed. Please see the directions to get set up with GradeSpeed on our Weebly:

We have a couple of really fun things going on this coming week. Monday, March 3rd kicks off Read Across America Week. We will have a guest reader coming into the classroom at 13:15 on Monday to read a story to the fourth graders. You are more than welcome to join us! On Thursday, March 6th, the USAFE Band will perform for the school at 13:00. Also, all next week will be Spirit Week, with each day devoted to a different way of showing Smith spirit: Monday: Wear green; Tuesday: Dress up as your favorite book character; Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday (mismatched clothes); Thursday: Crazy Hair/Crazy Hat Day; Friday: Wear red, white, black, and gray (to celebrate The Cat in the Hat).

As Terra Nova week approaches quickly (beginning 3/10), please continue to provide your student with positive thoughts about the test so that they can approach the test calmly and positively, and in turn, do their best work. Part of the students’ vocabulary list is key words that will be helpful during testing. While they will not be tested on these words at the end of the week, the students should still practice and familiarize themselves with these words so that they will be more prepared if they encounter them on the Terra Nova or future tests.

This newsletter is available on our Weebly, The PowerPoint with the week’s vocabulary will also be available on the Weebly early next week (by Tuesday). As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at Thanks!

  • What We’re Learning:
  • Language Arts:
  • Comprehension Skill: Summarizing and Synthesizing Information
  • Grammar: Contractions and Negatives
  • Writing:
  • Trait of the Week: Conventions
  • Math:
  • Deciding where to start dividing
  • Factoring whole numbers
  • Prime/Composite numbers

Spelling Words

Focus: words with the prefixes un-, dis-, in-



























@ Rachel Thorp 2013


Vocabulary Words

3/3 – 3/7


Advisory – a report that gives information or a warning about something. Advisories are given for weather situations that can cause problems and can potentially be dangerous; they let people know that they need to be careful. The weather situations are either happening currently, going to happen very soon (imminent), or are likely to happen soon.

Air Mass – A large body of air that has similar horizontal temperature and moisture characteristics.

Atmosphere – the whole mass of air that surrounds the Earth

Barometer – An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Cold Front – an area in the atmosphere that separates cold air (that is coming in or advancing) from warm air (that is leaving or retreating). The air behind a cold front is cooler and typically drier than the air it is replacing.

Dry Line- A boundary that separates moist air masses and dry air masses.

Front – The boundary or transition zone between two different air masses. Two basic frontal types are cold fronts and warm fronts.

Precipitation – Liquid or solid water that falls from the atmosphere and reaches the ground (rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.)

Terra Nova Key Words(students will not be tested on these words)

Compare – look for similarities between things

Contrast – look for differences between things

Define – give a specific meaning of a word or idea

Summarize – retell the most important ideas in your own words; include some details

Support – use examples to back up your ideas

@ Rachel Thorp 2013