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If you discover a fire: Os dewch chi hyd i dân : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fire action Camau pe bai tân In case of fire Pe bai tân. If you discover a fire: Os dewch chi hyd i dân :. Os clywch am tân yn rhan arall o’r adeilad :. If you believe there is a fire in another part of the building:.

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Fire action Camaupebaitân

In case of fire Pebaitân

If you discover a fire: Osdewch chi hyd i dân:

  • Osclywcham tânynrhanarallo’radeilad:

If you believe there is a fire

in another part of the building:

  • Call the Fire Brigade by dialling 999

  • Leave the building and go to the assembly point stated below

  • Galwch y GwasanaethTânganffonio 999

  • Ewchallano’radeilad, ganfyndi’r man ymgynnull a nodirisod

  • Stay where you are unless you are advised to leave

  • Wait for further instruction as to whether you need to move to an alternative area of safety or whether evacuation is necessary

  • Evacuate if the fire is in the area you are in

  • Arhoswchlle’rydych chi onibai y cynghorir chi i adael

  • Arhoswch am gyfarwyddiadaupellach a oesangen i chi symud i fan diogelarall, neu a oesangensymudallan

  • Ewchallano’radeiladosyw’rtânyneichrhan chi

If evacuation is necessary: Osoesangenmyndallano’radeilad:

  • Proceed to the nearest available fire exit

  • if you come across the fire, do not attempt to put it out, leave by another route

1. Ewchdrwy’rallanfadânagosafsyddargael

2. Osdewch chi wynebynwynebâ’rtân, peidiwch â cheisioeiddiffodd, ewchallandrwyfforddarall


stated below:


a nodirisod:

5. Do not return to the building until authorised to do so

5. Peidiwch â dychwelydi’radeiladnesawdurdodir chi i wneudhynny