Fitt 3 part 2
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Fitt 3 Part 2. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Review. The first bedroom encounter concludes with a kiss. Conflict of perception (Gawain vs. L. Bertilak ) Virtue v. Journey (Which is the real obstacle?). 5 Fingers. 5 Virtues *The conflict of courtesy. 5 Senses. 5 Vows. 5 Wounds.

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Fitt 3 part 2

Fitt 3

Part 2

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


The first bedroom encounter concludes with a kiss.

Conflict of perception (Gawain vs. L. Bertilak)

Virtue v. Journey (Which is the real obstacle?)

Sir gawain and the green knight

5 Fingers

5 Virtues

*The conflict of courtesy

5 Senses

5 Vows

5 Wounds

Line 1038
Line 1038-

“On the bushes…and he crashed/ At a line of men…the hoariest,/ Fiercest, hugest boar in the world,/ charging out, grunting.”

“Hitting him over and over/ but hurting him nothing”

Wild boarswild and fierce, do not flee from fighting, fight until killed

Knightly courtesy
Knightly Courtesy

  • Lady Bertilak taught kissing and expects implementation of the lesson.

  • “That is courtesy, knight.”

    “Force and threats are indecent…”

    “Unwilling gifts are given in vain…”

    A knight’s reputation relies most on “loyalty to love.”


“So she tested him, pushed and probed,/ trying to tempt him, pretending love/”

The exchange
The exchange

  • “There’s nothing you won’t afford/ if you always change so sweet.”


Gawain desires to leave to ensure a timely arrival at the green chapel.

Lord Bertilak assures him, and aims to detain Gawain; “he had tricks to try.”