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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight . Translated by W. A. Neilson Directed by Shelby K******** and Shiv P*** . Johnny Depp as Sir Gawain.

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sir gawain and the green knight

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Translated by W. A. Neilson

Directed by Shelby K******** and Shiv P***

johnny depp as sir gawain
Johnny Depp as Sir Gawain
  • Johnny Depp was chosen to cast the part of Gawain for Johnny is also not physically imposing but is virtuous. In a past role, Johnny played Donnie Brasco in a movie with the same title and he does a good job in that he is the determined protagonist. Going undercover, Johnny also has flaws in that he gets sucked into the underworld of the mob but retains his integrity and completes his FBI mission which connect to Gawain’s flaws. Depp brings a new vibe in that he is not the traditional knightly actor with brute physicality which it usually entails and this serves him well.
  • Sir Gawain is nephew to King Arthur of the Round Table and considers himself to be one of the lesser knights even though Arthur states that finding an equal to Gawain would be a tough task. Gawain is not physically imposing but he does posses the characteristics of honesty, modesty, valiance and chivalry. Gawain protects the honor of his king and he gets into a deal with the Green Knight in that the Green Knight will reciprocate whatever blow Gawain deals to the Knight in one year’s time.
george clooney as king bercilak
George Clooney as King Bercilak
  • George Clooney is well suited to play the part of King Bercilak in that both are bearded and exude leadership and nobility. Clooney is also older and his acting job in Ocean’s Eleven as former prisoner Danny Ocean is similar to that of King Bercilak’s role. Clooney is a natural leader, courteous and clever and all these are imperative in the role of King Bercilak.
  • King Bercilak is the lord of the manor Gawain stays at and is described as noble, of great age, warm, hospitable, bearded and well suited to govern. In addition, Bercilak enjoys hunting and places great importance in contracts. His contract with Gawain states that anything he hunts for is given to Gawain in exchange for anything Gawain receives in the castle.
paris hilton as lady bercilak
Paris Hilton as Lady Bercilak

Paris Hilton is also a very beautiful women and is seductive in her own way. Hilton is a model with Donald Trump’s agency and Hilton comes off as seductive in her photo shoots. Also Hilton is also surprisingly intelligent in contrast to her TV persona. And she brings the concept of being seductive and manipulative well in her acting .

  • Lady Bercilak is a very beautiful women even more so than Queen Guinevere. In addition to being a great conversationalist, she is pleasant, courteous, and seductive. While King Bercilak is out hunting, she tries to seduce Gawain into her bed and what motivates her to do this is something you will only find out if you watch this movie.