playing the game n.
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Playing the Game

Playing the Game

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Playing the Game

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  1. Playing the Game Excerpt from Walter Dean Myers book

  2. Vocabulary Expert 21, page 9 Workshop 1 Day 2

  3. Expert 21 Vocabulary “Playing the Game”

  4. advise (verb) Meaning: to guide, to suggest something Example: I asked the school counselor to advise me on what classes to take. The basketball coach will advise you on the technique of shooting three-pointers.

  5. recruit (noun) Meaning: someone who has recently joined a group or team Example: The other recruits and I were all eager to show our new coach what we could do. Big Twelve schools like to bring on high-school seniors as freshman recruits.

  6. scholarship (noun) Meaning: money given to a student to pay for school or college Example: I just got a scholarship to attend Indiana University. Students often have to write an essay or get a recommendation in order to obtain a scholarship.

  7. transit (adjective) Meaning: related to a system of buses or trains that move people or goods Example: I use the local transit system to get to school each day. Large cities often have very efficient transit systems to decrease the amount of downtown traffic.

  8. violation (noun) Meaning: an action that breaks a rule Example: My violation allowed the other team to have possession of the ball with time enough to take a three-point shot. A moving violation will earn you a traffic ticket and a fine.

  9. adore (verb) Meaning: to worship or love alot Example: I adore my new baby cousin; he is so sweet. You have probably heard this before, but Valentine’s day is good time to tell people you adore them.

  10. console (verb) Meaning: to comfort; to try to make another person feel better Example: When I feel sad, my best friend tries to console me. It is difficult to console a young child who is lost from their parents.

  11. represent (verb) Meaning: to serve as an excellent example Example: I’m an excellent runner and my coach says I represent my team well. Be sure to represent your family in a positive way by being kind and considerate of others.