wordly wise lesson 20 slide show l.
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Wordly Wise Lesson 20 Slide Show!!!!!!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Wordly Wise Lesson 20 Slide Show!!!!!!!!!

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Wordly Wise Lesson 20 Slide Show!!!!!!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wordly Wise Lesson 20 Slide Show!!!!!!!!!. A slide show made by… Eddie Davis. Apathy. Noun- A lack of interest or concern. When the principal was talking about the school budget during the assembly, the result was the apathy of the students. They were so uninterested that they fell asleep.

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Wordly Wise Lesson 20 Slide Show!!!!!!!!!

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wordly wise lesson 20 slide show

Wordly Wise Lesson 20 Slide Show!!!!!!!!!

A slide show made by…

Eddie Davis

  • Noun-
  • A lack of interest or concern.

When the principal was talking about the school budget during the assembly, the result was the apathy of the students. They were so uninterested that they fell asleep.

Adjective- Apathetic

  • Unconcerned; uninterested.

The apathetic teenager was asleep during the speech on the school’s budget. The teen was not interested at all in the speech because it had nothing to do with him.

  • Verb-
  • To keep bothering.

The paparazzi always badger celebrities to get the latest “scoop” on their lives. They always annoying them persistantly to get information.


  • A strongly built, burrowing mammal common in many northern parts of the world.

The badger built the biggest dam in history in just one week. This well built mammal is well known too all man kind.

  • Verb-
  • To force or require to do something.

The sense of doing good compelled Steve to working in a retirement home. The feeling of good forced him to help the old.

  • Verb-
  • To mislead; to decieve

Charlie deluded Joey’s minds when he used reverse psychology to give him a pencil. He mislead Joeys mind think Charlie didn’t need a pencil.

2. Noun- Delusion

  • A false or mistaken belief.

When Ben learned to play guitar, he thought he was going to be the best guitarist, but this was a delusion. He believed that he could be amazing but he was wrong.



1. To feel or express sorrow or regret.

Chris deplored that he could not talk to his best friend before he died. He regret not making up an argument between them.

  • To disapprove of strongly.

Chris deplored the fact that his best friend died in a car accident. He could not approve of this happening.

Adjective- Deplorable

  • Very bad; wretched.

Dylan was deplorable because he would hurt people for coming in his six feet personal space bubble. He caused major problems in public place witch made him very bad.

  • Adjective-
  • Dilapidated and abandoned.

The derelict house will be torn down and rebuilt again. The run down house was getting in the way.

2.Lacking a sense if duty; neglectful.

The food inspector was derelict when passing the dirty shack. He was negligent when he didn’t notice the cockroaches crawling out of the sink.


  • A poor, homeless person.

The derelicts on the streets are always begging for food or money. The homeless have nothing to support them.

  • Noun-

1. Damage or harm.

He went to the park to the detriment of his house. The damage to the house was so severe he had to stay in the park a few nights.

2. Anything that causes harm.

Candy can be a detriment to your teeth. In the end, you damaged teeth can turn into cavities.

Adjective- Detrimental

1 Damaging; harmful.

Smoking too much can be detrimental to your lungs. It could slowly damage them.

  • Noun-
  • The condition of being different or having differences.

There was no diversity between the looks of the identical twins. There was no difference they looked exactly alike.


In the local library, they have a diversity of books. There are so many different types of books from nonfiction to fiction books.



1.To give off or send out.

The sun emits so much light onto the earth. It gives off so much because it is big.

2. To utter of express.

The dog emitted a deep howl when he was sat on. The dog expressed its pain.

Noun- Emission

  • Something that is emitted.

Oxygen is an emission from plants that receive carbon dioxide. It sends out oxygen when photosynthesis occurs.

  • Verb-
  • To promote the growth of.; to encourage

The music teacher fostered the interest of the kids by bringing in a drum set. This promoted the interest because they got to fool around.

2. Giving or receiving care in a family that is not related by birth or adoption.

Johnny had to receive a foster family because his parents were abusing him. The family who had nothing to do with his birth or adoption were nice.

  • Adjective-

1.Lacking qualities associated with living things.

The pebble was an inanimate object. It did not have any human traits associated with it.

  • Noun-
  • Something that makes a person work harder.

The benefactor gives $5000 scholarships to anyone who gets an A on there final grade on everything in highschool.

  • Noun-
  • An event of sign that is believed to indicate the future.

Walking under ladders and breaking mirrors is rumored to be an omen for bad luck. This sign of the future is most feared on Friday the thirteenth.

Adjective- Ominous

  • Of or like a bad omen; threatening.

The ominous noises of the forbidden tower scared the villagers greatly. The threatening voices sounded like the devil.



  • A group of plants or animals that are similar in some ways.

There are many species of monkeys in the world, but only one kind evolved into man. This is interesting because there are hundreds of types of animals that are similar.

  • Adjective
  • Causing harm; poisonous.

Carbon monoxide is a very toxic gas. Is poisonous fumes can easily kill you.

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I hope this helped and I hope you do well on your worldly wise tests!!!!

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