project sc entist n independent study n.
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“Project Scïentist” Än Independent Study PowerPoint Presentation
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“Project Scïentist” Än Independent Study

“Project Scïentist” Än Independent Study

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“Project Scïentist” Än Independent Study

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  1. “Project Scïentist”Än Independent Study OLM Science Mr.Supik

  2. You Have Spoke Each of you indicated an area of science that you want to study. Now it is time to take action! You will complete an independent study that allows you to delve deeper into a self selected area of concentration. The project will allow you an opportunity move closer toward a real Science based career. I expect your showcase of Science to be the best quality of work you have ever done. You will feel proud of yourself when this project is complete. You will choose 6 of the 14 choices for your project showcase; that’s about 1 component per week. This project is worth 6 assessment grades. There will be weekly check-ins to monitor progress. There will be in class examples of the components, but it is up to you to do the work at home. The project due date process begins on May 23rd for an “A”. You will not be able to do all 6 components if you wait until the last week. The projects will be filmed and compiled on DVD as part of the 1st annual Science Independent Study Showcase. Each year OLM alumni will come back to view and recall their fond Science memories.

  3. Choose your own AdventurePick at least 6 of the following • Illustrate an 8 ½ by 11 inch framed artwork that captures a specific piece of content from your science topic. • Write a comprehensive review of a science app that you downloaded and researched for at least 2 days. • Write a complete summary and rate the content from a specific website that concentrates on your area of study. • Demonstrate a science experiment within you science domain. • Create a Power Point,,, or an slide show. • Make a 10 word flash card set on,, or on index cards. • Create a science trailer/video about your topic. • Write detailed journal of a field experience you investigated. • Contact an expert in the field and conduct an interview that includes at least 8 questions with the experts response. • Design a 10 minute lesson plan that you would actually teach to your peers/family. • Write a 1 to 2 page position paper as to why your topic is of global importance. • Acquire a collection of artifacts/materials from within your field and label then neatly. • Modify the M.I.T. App Inventor “HelloPurr” android app to include your picture(instead of the cat) and a professional voice statement (instead of the cats meow) about a little known fact regarding your science topic. (8th grade only) • Using your Google account, create a “Blogger” page with at least 5 entries dedicated to your topic. (8th grade only)

  4. Rubric