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catch 22


Autumn Milsom, Chelsea King, Lindsey Huss


Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is about an Air Force Squadron and its soldiers during World War II. The book follows each soldiers life while in combat and out of the war zone and how that affects them.

  • The Power of Bureaucracy- Yossarian and his men are ruled by leaders and make no decisions of their own.
  • Death- Yossarian’s one goal is to stay alive even if it kills him. The deaths of his friends, such as Snowden, haunts him.
  • The story is told by different major and minor characters.
  • It’s NOT in chronological order.
literary devices
Literary Devices
  • Tone- Satirical, somber.
  • Symbolism- the soldier in white symbolizes the men who are faceless and unimportant, as is he.
  • Allusion- references to Hitler, Mussolini.
major characters
Major Characters
  • John Yossarian- an Air Force Captain and bombardier stationed to fly on missions he has no desire for
  • Chaplain Tappman- minister who is kind and sensitive and cares about his family.
major characters pt 2
Major Characters Pt.2
  • Nately- friend who fell in love with a whore in Rome. He was optimistic but died on a mission.
  • Milo Minderbinder- mess officer who becomes obsessed with trading goods for profits. He was a man with no loyalty.
major characters pt 3
Major Characters Pt.3
  • Snowden- character that died on a mission and changed Yossarian’s mentality when he died in his arms.
  • Doc Daneeka- Doctor who could care less about his profession and was drafted into the war.
historical relevance
Historical Relevance
  • Takes place at the end of World War II in Italy.
  • People such as Hitler are mentioned.
  • This book had a lot of dry humor and kept our attention. It was humorous and dramatic at the same time. Over all, this was a good book.