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Packets and Protocols

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Packets and Protocols. Recognizing Attacks with the protocol analyzer. Packets and Protocols Recognizing attacks. Hacker tools Many tools exist Most are freeware Many are simply adaptations of existing features/tools in the operating system Ping Trace route Nbtstat nslookup.

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packets and protocols

Packets and Protocols

Recognizing Attacks with the protocol analyzer

packets and protocols recognizing attacks
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • Hacker tools
    • Many tools exist
    • Most are freeware
    • Many are simply adaptations of existing features/tools in the operating system
      • Ping
      • Trace route
      • Nbtstat
      • nslookup
packets and protocols recognizing attacks1
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • Ping
    • Uses ICMP
      • Many options exist for the ping command
packets and protocols recognizing attacks2
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks


Usage: ping [-t] [-a] [-n count] [-l size] [-f] [-i TTL] [-v TOS]

[-r count] [-s count] [[-j host-list] | [-k host-list]]

[-w timeout] target_name


-t Ping the specified host until stopped.

To see statistics and continue - type Control-Break;

To stop - type Control-C.

-a Resolve addresses to hostnames.

-n count Number of echo requests to send.

-l size Send buffer size.

-f Set Don't Fragment flag in packet.

-i TTL Time To Live.

-v TOS Type Of Service.

-r count Record route for count hops.

-s count Timestamp for count hops.

-j host-list Loose source route along host-list.

-k host-list Strict source route along host-list.

-w timeout Timeout in milliseconds to wait for each reply.

packets and protocols recognizing attacks3
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • Trace route
    • Uses ICMP Type 8, type 0 and TTL
      • Sends type 8 w/TTL=1
      • Receives TTL expired
      • Sends type 8 w/TTL=2
      • Received TTL expired
packets and protocols recognizing attacks4
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • NBTStat
    • Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NBT (NetBIOS over TCP/IP).
    • Yet another way a hacker can gather data to be used against you
packets and protocols recognizing attacks5
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • Nslookup
    • DNS tool used to look resolve IP addresses to names and to give the DNS server servicing the request.
      • Similar to ping -a
packets and protocols recognizing attacks6
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • There are many tools already written that bring together these common utilities
    • Common hacker tools can be found at
    • Sourceforge
packets and protocols recognizing attacks7
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • Sam Spade
    • GUI tool used for gathering information from Websites
packets and protocols recognizing attacks8
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • Ping sweep tools
    • Used to discover IP addresses on networks by using ICMP and ARP
packets and protocols recognizing attacks9
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • Port scan tools
    • Used to find what ports are open on what devices
    • Can scan sequentially or random
packets and protocols recognizing attacks10
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • Cain and Able
    • Good multipurpose tool for cross platform vulnerability checks
packets and protocols recognizing attacks11
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • ZenMap
    • Another multipurpose tool to gather information against network nodes
packets and protocols recognizing attacks12
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • SNMP Sweeps
    • Two types
      • Brute force
        • Simple guessing program
          • Starts with the password of a then b -> z then aa, ab, ac ->zz then aaa, aab etc
      • Dictionary
        • Uses a pre-made list of common words or phrases
packets and protocols recognizing attacks15
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • What to look for:
    • Ping sweep
      • Look for an inordinate amount of ICMP traffic
    • Port Scan
      • Look for incrementing destination ports
    • SNMP Attack
      • Look for a sudden bust of SNMP traffic and monitor the community field in the capture
packets and protocols recognizing attacks16
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • How to defend:
    • Ping
      • Filter out unwanted ICMP types
    • Port Scan
      • Lock down devices and turn off unneeded applications and ports
    • SNMP attacks
      • Use strong passwords
packets and protocols recognizing attacks18
Packets and ProtocolsRecognizing attacks
  • The best solution?
    • Get an IDS/IPS
      • Intrusion detection system – passive
      • Intrusion prevention system - active