Getting familiar with the revised social studies standards
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Getting Familiar with the Revised Social Studies Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting Familiar with the Revised Social Studies Standards. Jared Myracle Supervisor of Instruction, 9-12 Gibson County Special School District Social Studies Content and Resources Tennessee Department of Education [email protected] @ JaredMyracle.

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Getting familiar with the revised social studies standards

Getting Familiar with the Revised Social Studies Standards

Jared MyracleSupervisor of Instruction, 9-12Gibson County Special School DistrictSocial Studies Content and ResourcesTennessee Department of [email protected]@JaredMyracle

Overview of the RevisionMajor FeaturesA Closer look at Elementary, Middle, and High School standardsResources

Revising the standards
Revising the Standards

2012-2103 school year

Team of Tennessee educators served on the committee

Feedback from hundreds of Tennessee educators

State and national models

Overview of standards revision
Overview of Standards Revision

Improved flow of course sequence and structure

Simplified the structure of each standards document

Increased the rigor of “leading verbs”

Increased opportunities for literacy connections and uses of complex texts

Meaningful incorporation of Tennessee History

The look and feel of the standards
The “Look” and “Feel” of the Standards

Not “common core” for social studies

Content prescriptive

Integrate literacy expectations into the content

Equity of experience

Strong foundation, not a ceiling

Structure of courses in kindergarten through fifth grade
Structure of Courses in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

  • Under old standards, general social studies with lack of distinction in Kindergarten through Third Grade

  • In new standards, each grade in K-3 has a more specific thematic area of content

    • Kindergarten- The World Around Us

    • First Grade- Tennessee’s Place in America

    • Second Grade- Life in the United States

    • Third Grade- World Geography and Cultures

  • Fourth and Fifth Grade remain a survey of U.S. History, but with increased rigor and the incorporation of primary sources (The History of America to 1850, The History of America from 1850)

Structure of courses in 6 th grade through 8 th grade
Structure of Courses in 6th Grade through 8th Grade

Previous Course Sequence

New Course Sequence

Previous and new course requirements 9 12
Previous and New Course Requirements (9-12)

Previous Credit Requirements

New Credit Requirements

Elective course offerings are the same with the exception of Modern History (content covered in required course) and addition of World Geography

Certification and highly qualified status
Certification and “Highly Qualified” Status

  • The department considers the subject content knowledge in history or geography as sufficient to meet the federal “highly qualified” reporting status for a combined history and geography course

  • Teachers with a History 7-12 endorsement or a Geography 7-12 endorsement will be qualified to teach both the U.S. History and Geography and World History and Geography courses starting in 2014-2015.

9 12 course requirements
9-12 Course Requirements

  • Order of courses up to LEA

    Alternate courses:

  • World His/Geo

    • AP Human Geography, European History, or World History

  • US His/Geo

    • AP United States History

    • IB History of American I and II (also covers credits for Econ and Gov/Civics)

  • Economics

    • AP Microeconomics or AP Macroeconomics

  • Gov/Civics

    • AP Comparative Government and Politics

Format of standards
Format of Standards

  • No more SPIs, TPIs, levels of accomplishment, etc.

  • Standards in each grade/course have unique coding

  • Grade/course precedes decimal, number of standard follows decimal

    • K.1, K.2, K.3, etc.

    • 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, etc.

    • US.1, US.2, US.3, etc.

    • GC.1, GC.2, GC.3, etc.

Content strands
Content Strands

  • Old standards were divided by content strands (culture, economics, geography, government and civics, history and individuals, and groups and interactions)

  • Revisions to content strands:

    • Culture (C)

    • Economics (E)

    • Geography (G)

    • Politics, government, and civics (P)

    • History (H)

    • Tennessee connections (T)

Content strands1
Content Strands

  • Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade still organized by content strands

  • Third Grade is “transition” course

    • Has introductory geography standards

    • Rest of document is organized by continents (thematic devision)

  • Fourth and Fifth Grades organized chronologically

Content strands2
Content Strands

6th, 7th, 8th, World History and Geography (HS), and U.S. History and Geography (HS), Ancient History (HS), and African American History (HS) are organized chronologically

Economics, U.S. Government and Civics, Psychology, Sociology, Contemporary Issues, and World Geography are organized thematically

Role of primary sources
Role of Primary Sources

  • Primary sources are essential inclusions

    • Primary Documents and Supporting Texts to Read (4th-12th)

    • Primary Documents and Supporting Texts to Consider (4th-12th)

  • K-3

    • Lots of teacher autonomy

    • More emphasis on skills

  • 4th through 12th Grade

    • More direction on primary sources

  • Resources being developed with Tennessee Electronic Library, Tennessee State Library, and Tennessee History for Kids

Scaffolding of skills in early grades

What are the most important distinctions between Kindergarten and 1st grade, and 1st grade and 2nd grade?

Scaffolding of Skills in Early Grades

What other questions would be beneficial for vertical planning teams or PLCs?

Adjusted alignment in 6 7 and 8
Adjusted Alignment in 6, 7, and 8 Kindergarten and 1

Based on the changes in the 6th and 7th grade standards,

what opportunities and challenges do you see?

What needs to take place to limit repetition of content in 7th grade during the first year of implementation?

Teaching with primary sources in high school
Teaching with Primary Sources Kindergarten and 1in High School

What opportunities and challenges do you see for high school social studies teachers?

Essential to backwards plan a curriculum map and build in the sources referenced

Instead of using texts as a supplemental resource, need to use them as foundational part of instruction

How can I teach “Progressivism” through excerpts of the “the Jungle” and other documents?

New assessment for 2014 2015
New Assessment for 2014-2015 Kindergarten and 1

No changes on TCAP/EOC in 2013-2014

New assessment currently in development

Literacy components will play a greater role

Professional learning
Professional Learning Kindergarten and 1

  • Professional Learning for Teachers

    • Series of recorded webinars that will guide teachers through the revisions in each grade/course

    • Exploring some in-person training possibly offered at regional offices for teachers in courses with most significant revisions

Resources Kindergarten and 1

  • Tennessee History for Kids

    • Visit Website

    • Sign up for newsletter

    • Booklets available for purchase

  • Tennessee State Library and Archives

    • Newsletter emphasizing primary sources

  • In the process of linking documents referenced in standards to the standards documents online

Updates/Edits for 14/15 Kindergarten and 1

Errors, typos, etc. will be cleaned up before 14/15 school year, so feel free to email!

Contact information jmyracle@gcssd org @ jaredmyracle
Contact Information: Kindergarten and [email protected]@JaredMyracle

Thanks for attending

Thanks for attending! Kindergarten and 1