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Mississippi: Is This America? PowerPoint Presentation
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Mississippi: Is This America?

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Mississippi: Is This America? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mississippi: Is This America?. “This is Mississippi, the middle of the iceberg. This is a tremor in the middle of the iceberg from a stone that the builders rejected.” -- Bob Moses, 1961. 1720-1835 . 1835-1865 . 1865-1876.

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Mississippi: Is This America?

“This is Mississippi, the middle of the iceberg. This is a tremor in the middle of the iceberg from a stone that the builders rejected.”-- Bob Moses, 1961





Hiram Revels and Blanche Bruce, U.S. Senators from Mississippi, both African American

three pillars of white supremacy
Three Pillars of White Supremacy
  • Segregation
  • Voter disfranchisement
  • Extralegal violence and use of criminal justice system [concept of “legal lynching”]

Charles White.The Return of the Soldier, 1946.Pen and ink on illustration board.Prints and Photographs Division.Reproduction Number: LC-USZC4-4886 (8-19)



What role do the media play

in shaping perceptions

of a social movement

and its antagonists?


“And people ask why we are down here. . . .”

Fundraising advertisement published by SNCC in its newsletter, The Student Voice, in 1964


October 1, 1962: James Meredith (center) is escorted by Federal officials including U.S. Department of Justice Attorney John Doar (pictured on right) at the University of Mississippi.


September 30, 1962: Students riot in response to James Meredith’s enrollment at Ole Miss.


Martha Prescod, Mike Miller, and Bob Moses register voters in the Mississippi countryside, Fall 1963