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Proposal Generator PowerPoint Presentation
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Proposal Generator

Proposal Generator

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Proposal Generator

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  1. Proposal Generator

  2. Index • Primary job.

  3. Primary job – Input tab Informational for first page Data for operations

  4. Primary job – Blends Page Colors indicate what needs to be filled out and what is calculated; = Calculated values = informational Text = Values to be inputted by user Can override calculated volumes for primary jobs TOC, and excess for primary jobs to be inputted for each slurry. Lab info – Don’t worry about this, basically leave it alone

  5. Primary job – Input tab – Cont’d Can have up to 4 slurries. 1 is the shallowest TOC, 4 the deepest TOC This order HAS to be followed. If you are not using a box leave description, TOC, Density blank OR click on Clear Blend button. 1 2 3 4

  6. Primary job – Spacer tab Can have up to six additives, per spacer / Flush / Pre-Flush Set fluids in desired order, if no spacer, flush or other fluids ahead of cement. Just click on Clear Spacer Page Ignore this for primary job, only for plug or squeeze Use this for guidance for fluid position

  7. Casing – Hole data Casing ID is automatically looked up based on Csg weight and size Check to see if job type is correct Hole sizes, previous casing is considered a hole type as this is What cement sees on the outside OD. Insert csg size, weight MD/TVD. Set shoe length in last casing String. Must leave DVTool and Liner Blank To clear displacement, stg 1 and stg 2 when using DV tool

  8. Casing – Hole data If you make changes to casing(s), re-calc your displacement by clicking this button Total Disp Vol: Is the calculated displacement volume. Need Disp: Is the Needed displacement left to get the calculated displacement. Needed displacement should show zero once you have entered displacement volume.

  9. Primary job - Printout page Overview page is a page with overview of contacts as well as highlighting your companies Logo

  10. Primary job - Printout pages Overview general data Calculated data Data per slurry, volume CAN vary from calculated if user has over written calculated volume(s)

  11. Pricing tab Automatically generated Quantity automatically generated, no need to calculate Can override Discount, Quantity and Unit Price.

  12. Primary job – Print out Chose what you want to print, there are three Overview tabs that we can print from. The Program automatically choses which one to print Based on your selection of job type in “Csg-Hole Data” tab.