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Team Barley Busters

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Team Barley Busters. Team Members: Mike Hayes, ME Jeremy Weber, ME Arie Blom, ME Adam Burk, BAE Jacob Gray, BAE. Advisor: Dr. Tom Hess. Opportunity Statement.

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team barley busters

Team Barley Busters

Team Members:

Mike Hayes, ME

Jeremy Weber, ME

Arie Blom, ME

Adam Burk, BAE

Jacob Gray, BAE

Advisor: Dr. Tom Hess

opportunity statement
Opportunity Statement

Our client desires an apparatus to test hull adherence of various strains of barely and receive quantitative results. The testing device must be self-cleaning, process ten samples per hour, catch all test material, minimize noise, and provide repeatable results. The device must also conform to all OSHA and company standards for safety.

problems encountered with original apparatus
Problems Encountered with Original Apparatus
  • Noise from compressed air/ inconvenient
  • Not self-cleaning
  • Poorly repeatable results
  • Slow speed to achieve desired hull removal
  • Noise
  • < 50 dB
  • Self Cleaning
    • Minimal cleaning needed after testing
  • Removal of Hull
    • Within 10% accuracy of 90% of tests
  • Collection of Sample
  • 99% recovery of all material tested
  • Size
  • < 50 lbs and 8 cubic feet
  • Speed
    • Must be able to run at least 10 samples 50-250 grams per hour
  • Separation
    • >95% of removed hull still in tact after testing
  • Safety
  • Follow all safety standards. Enclose moving parts.
preliminary designs considered
Preliminary Designs Considered

Cement mixer style

-rotating drums

Alternative Design 1: Cement Mixer

Solid drum to catch hull and filter down

Abrasive inner drum with mixing fins

Solid barley


head thresher initial considerations
Head ThresherInitial Considerations
  • Western Wheat Quality Laboratory, Pullman, Washington
  • Used for cleaning wheat
  • Uses nylon impellers and woven cloth
  • Sold by Precision Machine Co., Inc. Lincoln, NE
testing procedure
Testing Procedure
  • Set timer to 15 or 30 seconds
  • Turn on full power while mechanism is closed by users hand and a gate
  • When time ends open gate and remove hand slowly
  • When most of the hull is removed with aspirator, remove remaining barely and strain using a 300 цm sieve.
baseline testing and rating
Baseline Testing and Rating

Initial Testing

  • Rating:
  • Noise
  • Self Cleaning
  • Hull Removal
  • Collection of end results
  • Size of apparatus
  • Time it took to run a test
  • Ability to separate kernel from hull
  • Safety

Standard Deviation from testing at WSU:0.14925g


Funnel and Stopper (Front View)


Barley Stopper

Servo Motors

Servo Stands


Funnel and Servos (Top View)

Servo Attachment

Servo Attachment


Nozzle Attachment

Servo Motor

New Nozzle

Barley Stopper

air flow analysis
Air Flow Analysis

Nozzle Attachment

  • Problems before nozzle:
  • Full kernels collected in with hull sample
  • Not enough circulation in bottom of cylinder
air flow analysis1
Air Flow Analysis

Without Insert

With Insert

Slower Velocity than without insert

air flow analysis2
Air Flow Analysis

Without Insert

With Insert

Where Barley would be ‘stuck’


Sieve and Dust Bag


Dust Bag


Electrical Components

Electronics Case

Input and Display

cost estimate
Cost Estimate

Predicted Costs

Actual Costs