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Barley Station

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Barley Station - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Barley Station. An ACW wargames scenario. From the games rules book. US CS. vs. States on Fire. Dinos Antoniadis , 1998 2 nd Edition 2002. The Union defend. = Command Ability. The Confederates attack. Confederate: +1 Attacking: +1. The battlefield. N. The Brook.

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Barley Station

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Barley Station • An ACW wargames scenario

    2. From the games rules book US CS vs States on Fire Dinos Antoniadis, 1998 2nd Edition2002

    3. The Union defend = Command Ability

    4. TheConfederates attack Confederate: +1 Attacking: +1

    5. The battlefield N The Brook North Turnpike West Turnpike Blackberry Hill Barleytown Barley Station Wheat Fields Central Road Twin Hills Sunken Road

    6. Blackberry Hill CS HQ Barley Station US HQ

    7. Barley Station • Barley station is an important rail junction • The previous day, Barley Station was bombarded by the Union • The light Confederate forces defending it, were chased away • Now, it is held by the Federals, who want to put a foothold on Barleytown

    8. Blackberry Hill • Blackberry hill, is overlooking North Turnpike and the Brook crossing • It must be held by the Confederates at all costs • From up there, the Rebel artillery has a perfect command of the Wheat Fields, south of Barleytown

    9. The Federal 2nd Div 3d Brigade moves, • skirmishers deployed in front… • and …

    10. Go down the Central Road

    11. Alexander Chatz, CS General Dinos

    12. I have a cunning plan… Van Mil, US General

    13. Skoulix • …the other Union General, has another cunning plan… Gregorio “rattlesnake” Meracone

    14. Union 1st Division in columns of brigades approach Barleytown

    15. The Rebels cross the Brook

    16. The Confederate centre, at the height of the Wheat Fields, leave the Central Road, deploy and advance rapidly…

    17. Union 1st Div, 1st (veteran) Brigade…

    18. …approach Barleytown and the Wheat Fields

    19. The Confederate Cavalry Division gallops on the double… • …up to the Sunken Road… • …and dismounts

    20. The Union Artillery Reserve • Was late to arrive, (entered the table on round 4) • is hindered by the rails and the tree rows of Central Road • as well as by the Green 2nd Div 2nd Brigade screening its front • and strives to find a decent place to deploy

    21. Confederate far right flank… • Is threatened by the Union Cavalry • The Rebel ammunition Wagon… • …is attacked by Union scouts… • and …

    22. Is saved at the nick of the time… • By the 2nd Div 2nd Brigade… • countermarching to cover the exposed right flank

    23. Union 1st Division…

    24. approaching …

    25. the first houses of Barleytown…

    26. … faces the Rebel 2nd Division

    27. The Rebel Napoleons open fire!

    28. In the central sector…

    29. Two Rebel artillery batteries… • The Rebel Infantry… • ..manhandling in the Wheat Fields…

    30. …cross the Wheat Fields… • …and march to meet destiny…

    31. We must press forward!

    32. As the Union Artillery Reserve was late to arrive… • We must hold Barley Station!

    33. The Rebel elite Brigade emerges from the village • The Union deploys and surges forward

    34. Chaaarge!!!

    35. C’m on! Steady boys!

    36. At the Twin Hills… • The Union is winning! • 2nd Div 1st (veteran) Brigade… • Aided by one Cavalry regiment… • climbing uphill…

    37. …releases deadly volleys… • … annihilating two of the Rebel Cavalry Regiments! • (the Union General brought double sixes twice) • And forces the remaining two regiments… • To abandon the hill unhorsed…

    38. The Union reserve artillery • Finally, find space to deploy their batteries… • …and are pounding the rebel positions

    39. …while the Union parrots do their deadly work… • The green Brigade loses one regiment… • …their brigadier General is killed… • Low on morale, they retreat!

    40. A view from the Twin Hills • As the remnants of the 2nd Div 2nd Green Brigade retreat… • …Rebel scouting cavalry plan to raid behind the Union lines

    41. As the Federals go downhill • The Cavalry division falls back, behind the Sunken Road

    42. The fight around the Central road…

    43. … and in the Wheat Fields… • … comes to a standstill

    44. But, on their right… • The Rebels are winning!

    45. At the Confederate right, 2nd Div 2nd and 3d Brigades, advance • The Union left crumbles and is pushed back to Barley Station • Follows a general advance of the Rebel artillery

    46. A winning draw for the South Scenario: Dinos Antoniadis Figure collection: Alex & Vangelis Hatziplis Basic terrain: Manolis “Great Worm” Skoulikas Photos: Dinos Antoniadis, Vangelis Miliarakis Guest star: Gregory Merakos Realisation: Dinos