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Going On the Beach With

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Going On the Beach With - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ms. and Ms. . Going On the Beach With. by: Marianne Quijano. One sunny morning, Miss U and Miss V woke up early because they wanted to go to the beach. Before they go, Miss V cleaned the house using the vacuum and put some fresh flowers on her favorite violet vase ,.

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Before they go, Miss V cleaned the house using thevacuum and put some fresh flowers on her favorite violet vase,
Miss V will going to bring her favorite musical instrument her violin, to play while they are on the beach.
They prepare some food like,




and pancakes.

When they finished preparing their things, they went outside, Miss U asked Miss V, “what will we ride?” Miss V answered, “hhmm… can you guess? It’s starts with a V.
“You’re right Miss U”, come on let’s ride our van and go to the beach.

Miss U said, “uhhmm.. Is it big and have four wheels?”

“Yes” Miss V answered.

“It’s a van!” said Miss U.

At last they’re on the beach, “whew! What a long trip” Miss U said, come on Miss V let’s prepare our food and please let me hear you play your violin.
After Miss V played her violin, she walk to the beach and saw a vinta with different colors on the sea, starfish on the sand,
and a big volcano on a far away land.

different pebbles on the sand,

a vulture

When it was almost sunset Miss U said, I think it’s time to go home . Let’s come back here again on our vacation.