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JUDICAL TIME LINE. Apprehended In Gethsemane (around midnight) Brought Before Annas (struck with hand) Sent To Caiaphas (spat upon, ridiculed, struck) Sanhedrin Passes “Judgment” (death penalty is sought) Brought Before Pilate (Pilate finds no guilt in Him).

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judical time line
  • Apprehended In Gethsemane (around midnight)
  • Brought Before Annas (struck with hand)
  • Sent To Caiaphas (spat upon, ridiculed, struck)
  • Sanhedrin Passes “Judgment” (death penalty is sought)
  • Brought Before Pilate (Pilate finds no guilt in Him)
  • Sent To Herod, Tetrarch of Galilee (verbal abuse by scribes & chief priest, mocked)
  • Returned To Pilate (final sentence issued, scourging)
  • Seven Different Legal Proceedings Within A Span Of 12 Hours Or Less…
legality of arrest trial s part one
  • ARREST: ILLEGAL 1. Took Place At Night: Violation of Hebrew Law 2. Arrest Was Result Of Informer: Violation Of Mosaic Law 3. Arrest Not The Result Of A Legal Mandate From Court To Conduct A Legal Trial For The Purpose Of Reaching A Correct Judgment
  • TRIALS: ILLEGAL 1. Took Place At Night 2. Indictment Illegal: Hebrew Law Demands That There Be A Certainty In The Indictment, Publicity In The Discussion, Full Freedom Granted To The Accused & Assurance Against All Dangers Or Errors Of Testimony
legality of arrest trial s part two

3. Proceedings Of The Sanhedrin Illegal, Because Convened Before Offering Morning Sacrifice

4. Proceedings Illegal Because They Were Conducted On The Day Before A Sabbath And The Eve Before The Passover

5. Trial Illegal Because It Was Concluded In One Day 6. Sentence Illegal Because Founded Upon Uncorroborated Confession 7. Balloting Was Irregular

8. Condemnation Illegal Because Merits Of Defense Not Considered


CHARGES PRESENTEDEvidence Will Show They Are False & Based Loosely On Statements Taken Out Of Context Or Outright Fabrication
  • Contextual/Hearsay Issue Around Statement, “I Will Destroy This Temple Made With Hand, And In Three Days I Will Build Another Made Without Hands”
  • Alleged He Was Perverting The Nation
  • Alleged To Be Forbidding Paying Taxes To Caesar
  • Inferred That He Is In Opposition To Caesar.
  • It Is So Stipulated That He Did Answer One Question. That Being, “Are You The King Of The Jews?” To Which He Responded, “I Am”.
  • The Evidence Clearly Shows That This Statement Is True. Also The Evidence Also Shows That He Is No Manner Poses A Political Threat To Caesar.
  • Refutation Of Each Charge Will Be Addressed In Summation & Conclusion
witnesses for the defense diversity of background recognized as reliable
WITNESSES FOR THE DEFENSE(Diversity Of Background; Recognized As Reliable)
  • John, the Baptizer
  • Peter & Andrew (fishermen from Galilee)
  • James & John the sons of Zebedee
  • Matthew, the tax collector
  • Nicodemus, a Pharisee and a man of some renown.
  • A certain Centurion from Capernaum
  • Jarius, a ruler in the synagogue in Capernaum
  • A certain man, born blind in Jerusalem
  • Lazarus, Martha & Mary of Bethany
  • Over 5,000 whom He fed
conspiracy a plot from his birth to have him put to death
CONSPIRACYA Plot From His Birth To Have Him Put To Death
  • Herod the Great (death of all males two [2] years and younger in the city of Bethlehem)
  • An Attempt By The Pharisees To Stone Him
  • Concerted Pressure From Certain Jewish Powers That If Any Confess Jesus, Would Be Put Out Of The Synagogue
  • Chief Priests Openly Sought To Have Jesus & Lazarus (whom He raised from the dead) Put To Death
  • Chief Priests Agreed To Bribe/Pay Off To Judas (Thirty [30] pieces of silver) For The Betrayal Of Jesus

WHAT THE EVIDENCE WILL SHOWBut Rejected By Pharisees, Scribes, Chief Priests & Sanhedrin Who Infused Their Rejection On The General Populous

  • Water to wine at a wedding feast in Cana
  • Healing a lame man in Jerusalem
  • Feeding the 5,000+ in Galilee
  • Calmed the storm at sea
  • Healed the blind man, Bartimaeus
  • Raised Lazarus from the dead; he had been dead for four [4] days
  • These are but of the few of the scores upon scores of signs, wonders & miracles that He performed to which there are numerous witnesses. All of which support the fact that He Is The Son of God: The Messiah.