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Converting & Opening Bp Clinical PowerPoint Presentation
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Converting & Opening Bp Clinical

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Converting & Opening Bp Clinical - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Converting & Opening Bp Clinical
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Converting & Opening Bp Clinical Presenter: Matthew Whitehead Customer Support Manager, Team Bp

  2. Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  3. Overview • This is ideal for a new or intending Bp user and providing the simplest introduction to Bp and our conversion processes. In this boot camp lesson we’ll show you how to convert your existing clinic data, how the conversion process works and how to navigate the simplest of Bp Clinical processes. Avoid unnecessary confusion and enjoy a relaxed, informative and friendly introduction to of how the program operates. Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  4. Why Best Practice? • MIMS Product Information (PI) & Consumer Medicine Information(CMI) • Reduced IT maintenance costs due to: • Blazing fast performance of SQL Server • No downtime when applying supplied monthly MIMS & PBS updates • One integrated Clinical & Management package to update & backup • Friendly and experienced Support at No Extra Cost • Why not join Australia’s leading clinical product! Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  5. About Those Statistics • Clinical conversion utilities available for Md2, Md3, Mt32, Practix & Locum Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  6. Bp Subscription Benefits • Features, Features & More Features • Company website resources • Community support in Bp forums • Customer monthly eNewsletter • Social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter • Free technical support • Live server updates & backups Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  7. Not Sure Where To Start? • Once you have decided: • Request a FREE trial DVD • Contact Bp Relationship support to request a quote • Contact Bp Support to discuss a conversion plan • Get your local IT company involved • Read the documentation provided Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  8. A Simple Workflow Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  9. Role To The Goal Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  10. Get The Knowledge With Bp Training • Self-Paced Skilling Guides • Free access to the YouTube training channel • Remote User, Interactive • Remote desktop interactive session guided over the phone or through a webinar • Session Event, Interactive • Classroom lessons at conferences and company events • Course Event, Interactive • Classroom lessons at a shared venue around Australia • In Person, Interactive • On-site training presentation tailored to the customer training needs Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  11. First-Time Installation Instructions • Refer to FAQ documents for full details • Supported Operating Systems • Hardware requirements • System Prerequisites • Express vs Wizard • Client vs Server • Using Samples Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  12. What Exactly Is A Trial Conversion? • A Trial conversion of your data helps facilitate a smooth transition to Bp • It is imperative to prepare for the Trial conversion at least 2 weeks prior to your expected GO LIVE date. • It is mandatory that all practices perform a trial conversion: • To ensure the data is converted successfully • To resolve any issues related to the conversion prior to the GO LIVE • To clarify the process and identify the time requirements Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  13. Understanding What Data is Converted Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  14. Keeping Track Of Your Data • Conversion utilities only convert Clinical data • Can documents & results be opened? • Check the last patient seen to ensure their visit is present • Compare the data for a range of patients (long term & medium term & new patients) • Spend as much time as possible within reason • Principal Doctor/s to check as thoroughly as possible • Review the conversion logs for any errors Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  15. A Different Take On Live Conversions • Ensure you have your invoice & 30 day activation key • Have Bp installed as a ‘server’ on your Live server • Perform the final backup of your old software package • Install Bp as a ‘client’ on all workstations • Connect all workstations to Bp ‘server’ • Manually backup the converted data immediately • Have a disaster recovery plan in case the Live conversion fails Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  16. Other Considerations • Have all staff familiarised themselves with Bp • Running Bp in a Terminal Server environment • Linking Bp Clinical to a 3rd party billing package • Configure an automatic backup schedule • Turn off results import in your old clinical software • Clear the VIVAS/ACIR immunisations list • Availability of IT technician for expected Go Live date Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  17. Discover, Configure And Manage • Understanding the Clinical configuration options available in Bp • Deciding what configurations best suit the way the practice operates • Users – Permissions & Preferences • Clinical – Results import, Messaging, Linking to 3rd party billing • Other items – Labels, Custom preparations, Drug combinations, Drug sheets • Past history cleanup Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  18. Enjoy Using Bp!!! Bp Sunshine Summit 2014

  19. This session’s over. (But we’re still here for you) For assistance, please visit You can contact our Customer Support Team on: (07) 4155 8800 (07) 4153 2093 Bp Sunshine Summit 2014