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Jack Gantos

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Jack Gantos. By David & Brooklynn. B iography.

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jack gantos

Jack Gantos

By David & Brooklynn

b iography

Jack Gantos was born July 2, 1951 in Pennsylvania. His parents names are Elizabeth weaver & John Gantos. He attended collage at Emerson Collage. So far he has wrote 47 books so far. He won the New Berry Award. He now lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister.

jack gantos books
Jack Gantos Books
  • Rotten ralph feels rotten
  • Three strikes for rotten
  • Rotten ralphs Christmas
  • I am not Joey pigza
  • Joe on the breaks
  • Rotten ralph
  • What would joey do
  • Joey Piza swallowed the key.
  • Dead end in Novel
  • From Novelt to No where
  • Jacks Black Book
  • Rotten Ralph Helps out
  • Hole in my life
joey pigza swallowed the key
Joey Pigza swallowed the key

My Genre is realistic fiction. My story takes place at a school and at joeys home. One of my characters are Joey, he is the main character. The other character are the mom and the sister. Joey got in a situation with his house key! He swallowed it and the next week he pooped it out! When he went to school one of his friends dared him to lick a pooped flavored key!

dead end in notelet
Dead end in notelet
  • The genre of the book I’m reading is a realistic fiction. Some of the setting of the book is in the back yard. In the back yard he was doing a war seen. In the book he’s loves war so he want’s to know more about it. So later he has dream about the war. The characters are Jack his Mom and Dad plus a neighbor. So with in the story he learn about it and he like war and all of it and it is a good story.
compare and contrast
Compare and contrast
  • Joey Pigza Swallowed the key, like dead end, has the same author.
  • Dead end main idea talks about war unlike joey Pigza swallows the key, main idea is comedy.
  • Dead end the boy has a brother, but on the other hand joey pigza swallows has a sister



q uestion 1
Question #1
  • What year was our author born?
answer 1
Answer #1
  • July 2, 1951
question 2
Question #2
  • How many books did our author write?
answer 2
Answer #2
  • 47 books
question 3
Question #3
  • True or false. Jack Gantos is dead.
question 4
Question #4
  • True are False Jack Gantos set him self on fire
question 5
Question #5
  • What is the name of my book
answer 5
  • Dead end in Notelet
question 6
Question #6
  • Name one of the books Jack Gantos made?
answer 6
Answer #6
  • Joey Pigza swallowed the key
  • www.jackgantos.com