Armasight vega night vision goggles review
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Armasight vega night vision goggles review

Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggles Review

By – Rifles Aim team

Design some photos
Design? Some photos

Design Verdict

The design of the Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggles is really beautiful.

Worth? I must say, yes!

Magnification power
Magnification Power

The GOGGLE has a higher magnifying power, and a large objective lens captures a wider view.


  • One of the principal characteristics of the GOGGLEs is that they should be easily mountable. Armasight Vega NV GOGGLE comes in standard head size. Commonly all people can easily wear it by adjusting the straps properly.

Detailed specification
Detailed Specification

Resolution : 30-40 lp/mm

Magnification : 1x

Field of View : 35⁰

Focus Range : 0.2 m to Infinity

Battery Life : Up to 40 hours

Environmental : Water & Fog Resistant

Infrared Illuminator : Yes

Overall Dimensions : 147 x 82 x 46 mm

Weight (without Mount) : 0.25 kg

Battery Life : IR On up to 12 hrs

& IR Off up to 58 hrs


  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Designed for Hand-Free operations

  • High resolution Gen. 1+ Image Intensifier Tube

  • Built-in Flood infrared illuminator

  • Fully adjustable headgear for ultimate comfort

  • Special design which allows use on either right or left eye

  • Can be used in conjunction with long range IR Illuminator

The positives
The Positives

It has a great field view.

People use it with open sights.

It uses AA batteries that are cheaper and safer..

You can see even in the dark midnight.

You can obtain brighter and clearer image in the dark.

You can wear the GOGGLEs quickly either on the left or your right eye.

It has an easy to grip design.

The negatives
The Negatives

The GOGGLEs cannot work in complete darkness it is tough to see it there is no moonlight.

The package does not include the AA batteries.

The GOGGLEs might not be fit for personnel with smaller heads.

Frequently asked questions faq s
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Is there zoom option or only focus?

    - The Armasight Vega NV GOGGLE has no zoom capacity; it only focuses the image. People confuse between the focus and zoom function of the optical instrument. You can see clearly at a distance of 10-20 feet.

  • What is the battery timing?

    - The battery timing matters the most, the average battery timing using the AA batteries is around 3 hours while you are using it continuously. It’s better to use the lithium batteries, but you can also utilize the rechargeable cells too.

What customers say about it
What Customers Say About It?

  • This item arrived on time even threw Labor Day weekend. Thank you once again Amazon. If you are looking to purchase this great product on a budget then this product is for you. It has great lighting, two switch mode so that you can see brighter in the dark, I walked threw a canyon in the dark with nothing but a machete and this night vision, I could see crystal clear, I well be ordering another as soon as I get paid thanks Armasight for making a great product, and including the batteries in the package.

  • For the price you cant be disappointed.. Hand held it works great in pitch black up to 25 yards away for me. When using the hands free brace I had to use zip ties to get it firm to my eye for a clearer view though..

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Detailed review
Detailed Review

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