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Drawing Conclusions

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Drawing Conclusions
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Drawing Conclusions

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  1. Drawing Conclusions Being a word detective

  2. Definition Drawing a conclusion: When a person combines evidence with their background knowledge to say something about a situation or text. What they say will not be clearly stated in the situation or text.

  3. Here are some steps you can take to successfully draw conclusions

  4. 1) Examine a situation for important evidence Stressed expression Late in the afternoon A large pile of papers Computer work station

  5. 2) Apply this evidence to the background knowledge that you have Usually when people are stressed out at their work station with a huge pile of papers and it is late in the afternoon, they are behind on a deadline.

  6. 3) Draw a conclusion From the evidence presented in the cartoon it is reasonable to conclude that the man is behind on a deadline at work.

  7. Text Example

  8. 1) Examine a text for important evidence As he looked out through the thick trees he saw that the sun was about to sink below the horizon. Breathing heavily with sweat pouring down his face, he stopped to rest for a few seconds. As he listened, he noticed that the growl was getting louder by the moment.

  9. 2) Apply this situation to the background knowledge that you have Thick trees= a forest Sun below horizon= evening time Stopping to rest while sweating= person has been running Growl getting louder= large animal is approaching

  10. 3) Draw a conclusion From the evidence presented in this text it is reasonable to conclude that a tired man is being chased through the woods by a wild animal while nighttime is approaching.

  11. Practice examples In your notebook… • Write down important pieces of evidence. • Write down relevant background knowledge in your notebook. • Draw a conclusion, and write it in your notebook.

  12. Practice example #1

  13. Practice example #2 As the wind whipped her hair from side to side she felt the strange sensation of her stomach turning upside down. She suddenly felt like she was about to hit the ground, and in the next instant she was zooming straight up toward the clouds.