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Online Marketing Foundation 2014

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Online Marketing Foundation 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Marketing Foundation 2014. Presented by Karen Porter Department of Marketing School of Business Administration The University of Montana. Before We Get Started…. Anyone here who was NOT here Tuesday? Everyone subscribed to: Hubspot blog? blog? Student profiles Name

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online marketing foundation 2014

Online Marketing Foundation 2014

Presented by Karen Porter

Department of Marketing

School of Business Administration

The University of Montana

before we get started
Before We Get Started…
  • Anyone here who was NOT here Tuesday?
  • Everyone subscribed to:
    • Hubspot blog?
    • blog?
  • Student profiles
    • Name
    • Major and Year
    • Hometown
    • Any online marketing experience? (please explain)
    • Why you’re taking this course
who is your target market
Who is Your Target Market?

Identify by similar characteristics: Age, Gender, Income,

Education, Interests, Occupation and Other Criteria of Relevance

before the internet
Before the Internet
  • Businesses relied upon traditional media:
    • Yellow Pages
    • Newspapers
    • Television
    • Direct Mail
    • Telemarketing
    • Magazines
    • Radio
    • Faxes
times are changing
Times are Changing

Traditional advertising media are losing effectiveness

  • Directories – print versions go out of date / expensive
  • Print Pubs– in decline / costs up / shifting readership
  • Broadcast– fragmentation / zipping / zapping / Hulu
  • Direct Mail– costly / low conversion / slow
  • Telemarketing – do not call lists / intrusion factor
  • Faxes– mass faxing less effective / easy to overlook
new media is online online statistics are astonishing
New Media is Online& Online Statistics are Astonishing
  • 1 Trillion + — number of web pages in the world
  • 200+ Billion online searches each year in U.S. alone
  • 30 % — searches that are targeted locally (city or zip )*
  • 20 % — total online searches done by mobile phones*
  • 37 % — small businesses without a website*
  • 80 % — local searches done on mobile devices = buyers*
  • 0 % — chance to connect with consumers who are searching online if an organization doesn’t have an online presence

* 2012 statistics based on U.S. data only

business owners face marketing challenges
Business Owners Face Marketing Challenges
  • Recession has led to slower sales & lower profits
  • Traditional media declining in effectiveness
  • Consumers are searching for businesses online
  • Business owners are confused and frustrated about how to use online marketing effectively
  • Many businesses lack either the knowledge, the interest, or the time to learn online marketing and develop an online strategy
a website is essential but having one isn t enough
A Website is EssentialBut Having One isn’t Enough
  • Websites lend credibility
    • The business card of yesterday
  • Is your website getting found?
    • Know how people are searching & where your site is ranked
  • How do you drive traffic to a website?
    • Know what your prospective customer is doing online
  • Is your web presence helping or hurting your business?
    • Develop a cohesive online / offline marketing strategy
why being on google is vital
Why Being “On” Google is Vital
  • 70% of all U.S. online searches are done on Google
  • 80% + of intl. online searches are done on Google

(with a few notable exceptions – ex: China)

  • 60% of searchers do not typically search beyond page one of search engine results
  • Do you know what your potential customers are searching for? – Keyword Research
  • Need to be FOUND by those searching for the goods and services you offer – SEO (SearchEngine Optimization)
keywords rule know how your customers are searching and which words are important to them
Keywords Rule! Know How Your Customers are Searching and Which Words are Important to Them
  • Google Keyword Planner
seo gets your site found
SEO Gets Your Site Found
  • On-Site Optimization
    • Meta code – title tag (limit 60 characters)
    • Meta description (limit 160 characters)
    • Page title (headline)
    • Page URL (
    • Page copy, graphic alt tags, and more
  • Off-Site Optimization
    • Links coming into your site from other sites
    • Social validation / visitor support of site
website not getting found
Website Not Getting Found?
  • Was the site developed strategically?
    • Were goals clearly defined on the front end?
    • Was keyword research done first to drive how and where those words are optimized on the site?
  • Did development include these 3 key elements?
    • Solid coding (the site functions as it should)
    • Strong design (attractive, credible & user-friendly)
    • Strategic marketing (solid SEO, marketing strategy done on front-end, integrated and ongoing online marketing strategies)
does my business have to use
Does My Business HAVE to Use…
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google + Local
  • Blogging
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Other?
mobile marketing the next wave
Mobile Marketing – The Next Wave
  • 62 % of U.S. citizens now own smart phones
  • Japan and Europe mobile are far

ahead of U.S. in smart phone

usage; the U.S. is sure to follow

  • 97% of smart phone users search

online by phone

  • <20% of all sites are mobile-friendly
what does this mean for biz
What Does This Mean for Biz?
  • Marketing strategy needs to marry online and offline marketing initiatives
  • Know specifically the words your customers are using to search – them use those words online
  • Use online findings to market offline
  • Use media that is right for your type of business
  • Know what’s already working for you - continue using what works and eliminate what’s not
what does this mean for biz1
What Does This Mean for Biz?


  • Know your “conversion funnel” statistics – having the ability to measure gives you power
  • Develop a STRATEGY (don’t just try a hodge-podge of ideas hoping something will work)
  • Measure and tweak what’s working and then “rinse and repeat” to improve your results
  • Do NOT try to do everything – do several things really well and you’ll have better success

Karen Porter


(406) 529-8931