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Somalia Estudios de África

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Somalia Estudios de África - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Somalia Estudios de África. Alba Marina Montes Garrido. Somalia´s Geography. The Horn of Africa is known for decades as one of the hottest geographical spaces of internal dissidence and interstate conflicts . . Comparison with the territory and population of Somalia.

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somalia estudios de frica

SomaliaEstudios de África

Alba Marina Montes Garrido

somalia s geography
Somalia´s Geography

TheHorn of Africaisknownfordecades as one of thehottestgeographicalspaces of internaldissidence and interstateconflicts.

comparison with the territory and population of somalia
Comparison with the territory and population of Somalia
  • Population: Baja California Norte, Sonora y Chihuahua
  • Territory: Baja California Norte, Sonora, Chihuahua y Durango.
somalia s indicators

GDP - per capita (PPP) Mex 88 /Som 226 of 228

democratic republic of somalia
Democratic Republic of Somalia.
  • President: Hassan SheikhMohamud (2012)
  • Prime Minister:AbdiFarrahShirdon Said (2012)
  • THE CONSTITUTION is the official version of the Constitution of the Islamic Democratic Republic of Somalia enacted on 1st July, 1960.
  • Capital: Mogadishu
  • Total area: (637,657 sq km)
  • Population: 9,925,640
  • Life expectancy: 50.4
  • Monetary unit: Somali shilling
  • Internet users (per 100 people): 1.3
somali political parties


  • ARS-Djibouti is party of the Unity Government of the Democratic Republic of Somalia
  • ARS-Asmara is the official Opposition against the Democratic Republic of Somalia, and is led by Hassan DahirAweys
  • Union of the Islamic Court (UIC) was dismantled into two known groups: ARS-Djibouti and Ars-Asmara
  • Al-Shabaabis youth organization which has links with the well-known Al-qadea Organization and is one of the first terrorist list in Horn of Africa


  • AhalusunnaWaljameecais very friendly and 85% of the Somali Pollution are AhlausunaWajameeca and classified as non-violant organization that has enjoying popularity among the Somalis wherever they live.
  • HisbulIslaamis another terrorist groups that is trying to topple Somali's current regime and will also invent to dismantle and disrupt neighboring security and regimes if they overthrown the current regime of Somalia.
  • Wahabism is considered one of the dangerious and modern threat to Somalia's religious creed because they tried to posses and demolish the AhluSunnaWaljameeca sect.
  • AkhwanulMuslimiinis very good and keep low profile themselves.
  • Tafiir is another dangerious sect, and has been trying to pursue fellowers but confined in solitary status and do not interact with the rest of other groups
  • Saalaxiya is very nice and has patience and religious tranquality, and they are friendly.
great britain vs italy
Great Britain vs Italy
  • By 1920, a British and an Italian protectorate occupied what is now Somalia.
somalia failed state
Somalia: failed State?

The Fund for the Peace of The United States, publishes an annual index of the unsuccessful (bankrupt) States, which have these characteristics to demonstrate the existence of the failed State:

  • 1. Demographic pressures.2. Refugees' massive movement.3. Displaced population.4. Constant and chronic migration of population.5. Unequal economic development.6. Severe economic declivity.7. Low public services.8. Violations human rights.9. Appearance of States inside the State.10. Intervention of other States or external factors in the failed State.
  • Somalia: Maps, History, Geography, Government, Culture, Facts, Guide & Travel/Holidays/Cities | Infoplease.com