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Pedagogy, Rhetoric, Poetics PowerPoint Presentation
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Pedagogy, Rhetoric, Poetics

Pedagogy, Rhetoric, Poetics

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Pedagogy, Rhetoric, Poetics

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  1. Pedagogy, Rhetoric, Poetics Ron Janssen Chair, Department of Writing Studies Hofstra University Long Island, New York

  2. Pedagogy Rhetorical Elements in Writing Pedagogy Purpose Audience Persona Style

  3. The Rhetoric of Translation Han Shan’s Poem 32

  4. Gary Snyder 登陟寒山道 寒山路不窮 溪長石磊磊 澗闊草濛濛 苔滑非關雨 松鳴不假風 誰能超世累 共坐白雲中 Clambering up the Cold Mountain path. The Cold Mountain trail goes on and on: The long gorge choked with scree and boulders, The wide creek, the mist-blurred grass. Moss is slippery though there’s been no rain, Pine sings but there’s no wind, Who can leap the world’s ties and sit with me among white clouds?

  5. Robert G. Henricks 登陟寒山道 寒山路不窮 溪長石磊磊 澗闊草濛濛 苔滑非關雨 松鳴不假風 誰能超世累 共坐白雲中 Climb up! Ascend! The way to Han-Shan; But on Han-Shan the roads never end. The valleys are long, with boulders in heaps and piles; The streams are wide, with grasses both wet and damp. The moss is slippery – it has nothing to do with the rain; The pines sigh and moan, but they don’t rely on the wind. Who can transcend the cares of the world, And sit with me in the white clouds?

  6. Peter Stambler 登陟寒山道 寒山路不窮 溪長石磊磊 澗闊草濛濛 苔滑非關雨 松鳴不假風 誰能超世累 共坐白雲中 Many climbers assail Cold Mountain. They do not know paths here never end. They find the valleys strewn with stones, The stream beds glutted with sodden grass. The moss betrays their sandals on sunbright days, And the pine trees sough with remembered wind. Which one, in an instant, can leap this world And sit with me, poised among the white clouds?

  7. Poetics Gary Snyder’s Riprap

  8. “Riprap” Defined A cobble of stone laid on steep slick rock to make a trail for horses in the mountains.

  9. Riprap illustrated Lay down these words Before your mind like rocks.                 placed solid, by hands In choice of place, set Before the body of the mind                 in space and time: Solidity of bark, leaf, or wall                 riprap of things: Cobble of milky way,                 straying planets, These poems ants and pebbles In the thin loam, each rock a word                 a creek-washed stone …

  10. Riprap’s Source:A Speculation on Poetics 登陟寒山道 寒山路不窮 溪長石磊磊 澗闊草濛濛 苔滑非關雨 松鳴不假風 誰能超世累 共坐白雲中

  11. RiprapOne Stone at a Time! 石 (shi) 磊 (lei) 磊磊 (leilei)