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CESA #9 SIMS Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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CESA #9 SIMS Overview

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CESA #9 SIMS Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CESA #9 SIMS Overview
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  1. CESA #9 SIMS Overview … Webconference – Fall, 2009 Archived session available Jayne Werner, Facilitator Jwerner@cesa9.k12.wi.us

  2. Meeting Reminders • Materials from the meeting are downloadable from the Handouts icon on the top task bar • SIMS Overview • Webconference Powerpoint • LSA Training Details • Questions can be posted using the Q&A tab: (or unmute phone and ask directly) • Please click on the Q&A tab on top title bar • Type in question and select “Ask” • Click on background to return to the presentation

  3. ACCESS TO WEBCONFERENCE RECORDING • An archived version of this webconference is available after 24 hours, for up to one year. To access, go to: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/wislineweb/view • Enter your name • Enter Recording ID: SIMSOverview-091130 • Recording Key: (Leave Blank) • Click View Recording • Click View ICON Microsoft Office Live Meeting High Fidelity Presentation OR Microsoft Office Live Meeting Replay

  4. CESA #9 SIMS Overview • General Background of SIMS Development • Components of SIMS Implementation • SIMS Overview Demonstration • Considerations for Local Districts • Q&A

  5. Background of SIMS -SIMS was developed by MMSD with the support of Wisconsin DPI -SIMS is a web application that records student information related to RtI -Pilots were held during 2008-09 -DPI has partnered with CESAs to roll-out SIMS statewide -The tool is free to use. Cost is associated with training and technical assistance. - DPI continues to fund the technical support and programming needs related to SIMS

  6. Components of implementation • SIMS Overview • Local Determination of Readiness • RtI System in place • Collaborating Team Structure formalized • Interventions and progress monitor tools articulated • Participants identified for initial local pilot to get started • Local Contact Person/Administrator • Users Team (3 people, plus Administrator) • Local System Administrator • Interfaces with student management system, assigns “rights”, passwords, etc • Content Builder • Uses builder tools to design custom content

  7. Components of implementation • Training Requirements • 4-person User Training (early 2010) - F2F • LSA Training (12/10/09 OR 2/10/10) - online • Content Builder Training - two parts - online • 3/17/10 and 4/30/10 • Local plan for monitoring pilot of SIMS, deciding on custom interventions and progress monitoring tools, supporting implementation • Regional Users Group Network Meeting, Spring 2010 • Local plan for scaling out beyond pilot group

  8. Demonstration http://sims-open.vegantech.com This is the URL for the SIMS open source demonstration site. Use this site when you are demonstrating the features of SIMS. Entries are regularly deleted. To login, choose “Training” district, username “oneschool”, password “oneschool”. Choose grade 5 and select all students.

  9. Considerations • Who needs to be involved in the decision to use SIMS? • Who is identified as the Local Contact Administrator to oversee the local implementation of SIMS? • Who will need to have a SIMS Overview? • When considering the components of RtI, how ready is your school? • What steps might be needed to better prepare to use SIMS? • Who are the best teacher Users to be trained to use SIMS, implement the pilot, and then train others? • What is the local student information management system?

  10. considerations • How is the local student information management system already warehousing what types of student data? What are future plans? • Who will participate in the required trainings? • How will the local pilot be supported and monitored? • Who will participate in a regional Users Group Network to share local strategies, and express ideas for future enhancements? • What is the long-range plan for SIMS use district-wide?

  11. Next steps • Local Contact Administrator - Contact Jayne Werner, jwerner@cesa9.k12.wi.us or call 453-2141, ext 222 • Schedule User Training • Register participants for LSA and Content Builder Trainings • Contact CESA 6 for login (LSA) • Continue local conversation about SIMS readiness and support for implementation

  12. Q & A How may I assist you?