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Webcast 22 Pre-engineered Solutions November 12, 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Webcast 22 Pre-engineered Solutions November 12, 2007

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Webcast 22 Pre-engineered Solutions November 12, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Littelfuse University presents…. Webcast 22 Pre-engineered Solutions November 12, 2007. Pre-engineered Solutions Training. Brief Pre-engineered Solutions overview What are they and what solutions do they provide Breakdown of Pre-engineered Solutions Coordination Panel

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Presentation Transcript

Littelfuse University presents…

Webcast 22

Pre-engineered Solutions

November 12, 2007

pre engineered solutions training
Pre-engineered Solutions Training
  • Brief Pre-engineered Solutions overview
    • What are they and what solutions do they provide
  • Breakdown of Pre-engineered Solutions
    • Coordination Panel
    • Elevator Switch & Elevator Panel Review
  • Action items and takeaways
  • Questions
what are pre engineered solutions
What are Pre-engineered Solutions?
  • Pre-built products:
    • Satisfy NEC requirements
    • Make it easy for consulting engineers and electrical contractors to do their jobs in these areas
      • Design
      • Installation
    • They are big ticket items starting from $1k up to many thousands of dollars
pre engineered solutions products
Pre-engineered Solutions Products
  • Elevator Switches
    • Available since 2002, fairly well known
  • Elevator Panel
    • House multiple switches, out since 2005
  • Coordination Panel
    • House multiple circuits, breakers and fuses
    • Presentation will focus mainly on this product
cross selling approach
Cross Selling Approach
  • Cross Selling
    • The Coordination Panel and the POWR-Switch Series are complimentary products and are designed to provide pre-engineered solutions to meet NEC and applicable code requirements.
  • Bottom Line: one customer is really three potential customers
    • Learn customer needs and tailor solutions to solve their problems

LCP Series Fused Coordination Panel

Fused Coordination Panel

Now Available!

coordination panel overview
Coordination Panel Overview
  • Brief description:a fused/circuit breaker coordination panel to assist electrical system designers and electrical contractors meet mandatory 2005 NEC®, National Electrical Code, requirements for electrical systems to be selectively coordinated. Still required in 2008 NEC.
  • Emergency Systems NEC 700.27
  • Legally Required Standby Systems NEC 701.18
  • Essential Electrical Systems NEC 571.26

Without Selective Coordination

With Selective Coordination

LCP Series Fused Coordination Panel

In a selectively coordinated system, only the protective device immediately on the line side of an overcurrent opens. Upstream protective devices remain closed.


body diagram

Coordination Panels with 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, or 42 circuits

Main Lugs rated for 120/208V or 277/480V

Neutral Bar with Set Screw Terminals

Ground Bar with Set Screw Terminals

30 Amp Branch Circuit Breakers

Type 1 (NEMA) Enclosure with Panelboard Construction

200 Amp Main Bus

Body Diagram

Class CC Fuse Holders with Blown Fuse Indication (For use with Littelfuse CCMR, KLKR, or KLDR Class CC fuses)

sample part number

LCP 2M 2 30 24 G CC

200 Amp

# of

Main Bus


208 Volt

30 Amp


Main Lug





Sample Part Number




w/ Class CC



Note: RFQ can be submitted through online business center

different models
Different Models

Bussmann and Cutler-Hammer do NOT list

configurability options
Configurability Options
  • LCP2M*****and LCP4M***** are standard configurations
    • Currently, when customers want something different, marketing treats it as one-off requests and accommodates them
    • Keep the requests coming.
  • In the future, each section will be configurable, as with elevator switches
    • Unique and easy nomenclature
    • Allows for tailoring to specific customer issues
    • Total flexibility given to customer to solve unique scenarios
    • Huge selling opportunity going forward
  • Custom product will be released by the end of 2007
  • Main Applications
    • New Construction Projects
    • Major Rehab Projects
    • Typical applications
      • Hospitals
      • Schools
      • Commercial Buildings
      • Again, any project that requires
  • Emergency Systems NEC 700.27
  • Legally Required Standby Systems NEC 701.18
  • Essential Electrical Systems NEC 571.26

Target Customer and Positioning

  • States who have adopted the 2005/2008 NEC:
      • Consulting Design Engineers: Engineered solution
      • Distributor Gear Departments: Availability
      • Inspection community: Engineered solution
  • Position the product as a pre-engineered solution to meet NEC requirements for selective coordination
selling information
Selling Information
  • Competition
    • Bussmann: “Coordination Module” EP series
    • Ferraz: Possibly. We have not seen any literature.
    • Cutler Hammer: Makes Bussmann’s and have been on specs.
  • Pricing
    • $1,300 - $5,900 unpublished list price
    • Unlike LPS, quote request can go through online Business Center
  • Availability
    • 6 – 8 weeks built to order
communications materials
Communications Materials
  • Data sheet
  • Engineering Specification
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Advertising focus Q4 2007 through 2008
  • E-mail blast option with submitted list
ul and contact info
UL and Contact Info
  • The Coordination Panel is UL Listed
    • UL 67 Panelboards
    • UL 50 Enclosures
  • For technical questions, contact the Littelfuse Tech-Line at 1-800-TEC-FUSE
  • Other: Contact Doug ( ) or Justin ( )
immediate action items
Immediate Action Items
  • Obtain data sheet
  • Visit distributor gear departments.
  • Visit consulting engineering firms and contractors

LPMP POWR-Switch Panel

  • The next generation of the Littelfuse POWR-Switch
  • Switchgear designed to provide a disconnecting means to special distribution circuits.
  • Incorporates multiple switches into a single enclosure(s)
  • It is a product driven by codes and standards. The demand is created by the inspection community.

LPMP Panel Typical Applications

  • Elevator power supplies where selective coordination and shunt trip capabilities are required.
  • Feeders for date processing rooms where shunt tripping is required and selective coordination would be desired.
  • Building emergency systems requiring selective coordination.

LPMP Panel Benefits

  • UL Listed Package
  • Optional features offer flexibility for a variety of applications.
  • Can be a space-saving option over multiple disconnect enclosures
  • Time Saving
    • Pre-wired control circuits lower installation time and labor costs.
    • Easier to install (less components)
  • Review Online Training Module #2

Littelfuse Part Numbers

  • LPMP 400
  • LPMP 600
  • LPMP 800
  • Configuration matrix needs to be completed
  • Part numbers loaded per job
  • Series number and rating will be common
  • Suffix will be unique to job
    • Example: LPMP600-6AESH4



UL Listed Panel

NEMA 1 Enclosure - standard. Optional enclosure: NEMA 3R.

Fusible Class J Switches w/ Shunt Trip

Accessory Bucket

POWR-Switch Panel Features

elevator switch review1
Elevator Switch Review
  • Functionality is similar to the LPMP panels but in a single switch unit
  • Review Online Training Module #2
takeaways what you need to remember
Takeaways: What you NEED to Remember
  • Pre-engineered solutions are pre-built, NEC-satisfying and make it easy for consulting engineers & electrical contractors to design and install solutions
  • They are complimentary products (one customer is really three potential customers)
  • Marketing is here to help, don’t be afraid to ask
action items what you need to do
Action Items: What you NEED to Do
  • Become familiar with three products if not already
  • Get plenty of data sheets and collateral
  • Market to engineers, contractors and distributor gear departments – get the word out
  • Continue to build relationships - this is a relationship-driven business.
for a copy of this webcast
For a Copy of This Webcast…

For a Copy of This Presentation…

  • Login to the Littelfuse University Online Training Center at using your Username and Password.
  • Under Reference Files, click on Webcast Presentations
  • PowerPoints from recent Webcasts are posted here for your reference.
  • These are for your use only…please do not share without discussing with me or your Regional!

Upcoming Training

  • Modules:
    • Modules 15 – OEM Opportunities – Standards & Applicationsscheduled to be launched this week or next.
    • Modules 16, 17, 18 to be released by the end of the year discussing POWR-GARD Services
  • Webcasts: Stay tuned for upcoming Webcast Trainings
    • Monday, December 10 – Webcast 23 – What’s New in POWR-GARD?
    • Date TBD early in 1st Quarter – New Promotions Workbook
  • Contact Dave Scheuerman to launch Online Training Program with your Distributor partners.


Thank you!!