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Effective Resumes PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Resumes

Effective Resumes

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Effective Resumes

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  1. Effective Resumes

  2. Contents • Introduction to Resume Writing • Purpose of the resume • Different styles of resumes: descriptions and examples; layout and organization • Guidelines for Writing Resumes • 8 Tips

  3. 20-30 Seconds The time you have to make a great impression on a potential employer.

  4. Main Purpose An Interview

  5. Other Reasons • To help you clarify your direction, qualifications, and strengths, boost your confidence, or to start the process of commiting to a job or career change.

  6. Other Reasons (cont) • To establish you as a professional person with high standards and excellent writing skills, based on the fact that the resume is so well done (clear, well-organized, well-written, well-designed). • To use as a covering piece or addendum to another form of job application, as part of a grant or contract proposal, as an accompaniment to graduate school or other application.

  7. Resume Styles • Chronological • Functional • Combined

  8. 1. Chronological Advantages • Easier to understand what you did in what job • May help the name of the employer stand out • Appeals to older, traditional readers Disadvantages • Difficult to highlight what you do best

  9. 2. Functional Advantages • Helps you most in reaching for a new goal • Clearly shows what you can do for the reader Disadvantages • Not clear what you did in what job

  10. 3. Combined Advantages • Maximizes the advantages of both styles Disadvantages • Tends to be long • Can be repetitious

  11. Guidelines for Writing Resumes

  12. How Long? IT DEPENDS! Think about the impression you give - are you organized? - are you succinct? - have you included all that is important? Can you justify TWO pages?

  13. Very Poor! The second job worked in Finex Taiwan from 2000 till now as an export customer service specialist in the beginning to Demand manager representative now. During the work experience in Finex, I was lucky and appreciated by my direct , I have across through three different functions in Logistics Division., and also got the promotion opportunities. I not only obtain a lot of Supply Chain science and also improve the communication skill and manner from my duties. Moreover, the supervision position is a bridge between the subordinates, director and company. I apply my leadership to help subordinates to grow up , meanwhile, to achieve company goal. Work Experience: Company Name : Finex Taiwan Corporation Company Major product : Decorative Laminate Period : 2000~till now Title : Demand Manager Purchasing assistance manager Export service specialist/Supervisor

  14. Better! Finex Taiwan(2000–Present) • Demand Manager (2005-Present) lead a team of 5 subordinates; responsible for achieving company targets, development of staff and reporting to CEO. • Purchasing Assistant Manager (2004-2006) • Customer Service Specialist(2000-2005)

  15. Resume Personal Details Name:Susan ChangDate of Birth: 29th Febuary 1995Address: 13, Minsheng Rd, TaipeiTelephone: 02 123 4567 Sex: Female Marital Status: SingleNationality: Chinese Education 1993-1997 Minsheng Junior High School1997-2004 Minsheng Senior High School: 10 GCSEs, 4 A’ Levels – Economics, History, Maths, General Studies2004 - to date Top University, Taichung, studying for a BA in Economics Work History 2008-2009: Part-time work in Family Mart2004-2005: Assistant Bar Manager for the Fat Pig, Taipei.I became familiar with the full range of products supplied in the bar and enjoyed striking up a rapport with customers. (Left after disagreement with the manager) Extracurricular Activities Entertainments Officer for the University Drinking SocietyCaptain of the University Women's Hockey Team General Skills Conversational MandarinWord Procesing SkillsDriving Licence (7 points) References Dr Lee, Top University, Taichung Mr Derek Chang 13 Minsheng Road, Taipei

  16. ResumePersonal Details • Name:Susan ChangDate of Birth:29th Febuary 1995Address: 13, Minsheng Rd, TaipeiTelephone: 02 123 4567Sex:FemaleMarital Status:SingleNationality: Chinese

  17. Susan Chang • 13 Minsheng E. Rd, Sec 2, Taipei, Tel: 02 123 4567, email Objective BA candidate in Economics. Management experience. Knowledgeable about China. Excellent communicator. Seeks to parlay education and work experience at leading global economic forecasting firm. Education 2004 – present Top University, Taichung, Economics undergraduate 1997-2004 Minsheng Senior High School: 10 GCSEs, 4 A’Levels

  18. DON’T • - cram the information onto a page! (Type point >10.5) • - start a new page in the middle of a description. • - have only a few lines on a page. • - add superfluous text to fill up space. • - repeat your entire letterhead.

  19. DO • - include your name and page number at the top of subsequent pages. • - condense information. • - preserve your resume’s readability.

  20. LAYOUT Font Subheadings Bullet Points

  21. Different Fonts • Showcard Gothic • Arial • Old English Text MT • Times New Roman • Century • Broadway • Verdana

  22. Subheadings Education (Bold) Education (Bold & underlined) EDUCATION (Bold & Capitals) EDUCATION (Bold,Capitals & underlined)

  23. Bullet Points COMPARE Without Bullet Points Recruited, trained and managed 35-member team. Ensured continuous delivery of outstanding customer service Designed, developed and implemented employee training program which increased sales revenues

  24. With bullet points • Recruited, trained and managed 35-member team. • Ensured continuous delivery of outstanding customer service • Designed, developed and implemented employee training program which increased sales revenues

  25. WHAT TO INCLUDE • Name • Address • Phone Number • Email Address • Jobs • Educational Qualifications • Additional Targeted Information

  26. WHAT NOT TO PUT ON A RESUME • The word "Resume" at the top of the resume • Fluffy rambling "objective" statements • Salary information • Full addresses of former employers • Reasons for leaving jobs • A "Personal" section, or personal statistics (except in special cases) • Names of supervisors • References *

  27. Target Your Resume

  28. Objective Statement The “Objective” statement (also known as the “Overview” statement) comes right after your contact information and highlights your unique talents, experience, and goals.Through this paragraph your reader can immediately grasp why you’d be a strong candidate for or even an excellent fit with his opportunity.

  29. Focus

  30. Three Basic Pieces of Information • What you have to offer the company—your qualifications and expertise. • How much relevant experience you have and for what length of time you did it. • How your work impacted your employer’s bottom-line—what are your quantifiable results.

  31. Activity 1 In small groups, proof-read the Resumes you are given and make at least five recommendations to improve the Resumes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  32. Strengths

  33. What are your strengths? In groups decide on a list of five strengths that you possess.

  34. Strengths

  35. Discuss in groups What advice would you give someone who asked you how to write a good resume? Try to agree on the three most useful pieces of advice. 1. 2. 3.

  36. 8 Resume Tips

  37. 1. Technical Skills

  38. 2. Customize your Qualifications

  39. 3. Quantify Your Past Results

  40. Poor • Languages: • English、Mandarin and Taiwanese

  41. Better Languages • Mandarin Chinese (native speaker) • Taiwanese (native speaker) • English (upper intermediate) TOEIC score 780

  42. 4. Use Action Words

  43. Examples of Action Words • Learned • Improved • Negotiated • Published • Supervised • Tackled

  44. 5. Give Yourself Credit (but don’t lie!)

  45. 6. Be Concise

  46. Poor • I spent three months in the USA travelling and studying English. • I worked for Acer for six months and worked on a project in a small team.

  47. Better Skills Teamwork - successfulmember of project team in ACER (2008) Communication – improved language and cultural knowledge in USA (2007)

  48. 7. Be Pertinent (tailor the information)

  49. 8. No Errors

  50. Activity 2 Find the errors in your handout and correct them.