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Pollution. By: Jahangir Class: SEA04 Teacher: Mr. O’shea. Table of contents. Introduction Causes Air pollution Water pollution Land pollution Noise pollution Thermal pollution Radioactive pollution Over Population End. Introduction.

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  1. Pollution By: Jahangir Class: SEA04 Teacher: Mr. O’shea

  2. Table of contents • Introduction • Causes • Air pollution • Water pollution • Land pollution • Noise pollution • Thermal pollution • Radioactive pollution • Over Population • End

  3. Introduction • Pollution is the introduction of pollutants into the environments to such a point that its effects become harmful to human health, and other living things on this earth. In this planet there are many different causes of pollution. There is air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution and radioactive pollution.

  4. Causes • The main causes to pollution is public transportation, ships, waste, and garbage. We use public transportation and cars to travel, but we do not know what we are doing to the environment. As we use bus, cars, and other vehicles, we are polluting the air and this is called air pollution. Air pollution is one of the main pollution causes on this planet. This is because air is what we breath, and what we use in our daily lives. So that means that we are taking polluted air in when we breath oxygen(O2).

  5. Air Pollution • Air pollution is pollution in the air around us. This is done by car fumes, factory gasses, houses, forest fires and farms. There is ozone depletion in the atmosphere, global warming, the houses we live in are made by machines that let out fumes. We are only hurting 2 things ourselves and this planet Earth. When we hurt the Earth that means we are cutting down the days of Earths living survival. Nowadays the population is growing so rapidly that we have to cut down more trees that give us oxygen, to make houses. The more the people the more cars used and the more nitrogen oxide is being let out in the environment.

  6. Water pollution • Water pollution as you know is in water. Water pollution is caused by humans throwing garbage and waste in the rivers, lakes, and oceans. Not only that, but water pollution is also caused by ships, oil tankers, sunk ships, and destruction of navies in the water. The main causes to water pollution is over population. There is also pesticides and domestic sewage. The heavy metals by ships cause a lot of

  7. Land pollution • Land pollution is caused by humans (over population) throwing waste all around. NYC is famous for having the most gums sticked on pavements. Humans throw chip wrappers and other garbage on the pavements. Over 6 million hectares of land is lost every year because of land pollution, and over 24 million tons of topsoil lost every year. This may sound weird but we are the people who cause most of land pollution, by the household we live in cause land pollution because we throw garbage and waste land. The books we read are made from soil!

  8. Noise pollution • This pollution is dependent on vehicles, construction machines, trucks, and schools. We do noise pollution by road traffic noise, air traffic, rail traffic, domestic noise, industrial noise, and incompatible land use. Road traffic is caused by cars running fast, beeping, and traffic. Rail traffic is trains get jammed and if you use the 7 train under Roosevelt Ave the train makes so much noise that you cant hear your neighbor talking to you. Industrial traffic comes from machines from factories, noises of computers, and other machines in offices. The ones to use trains and all this is humans (overpopulation)

  9. Thermal pollution • Organic and inorganic foods are examples of thermal pollution. Heat let out from industries as well is a great example of thermal pollution. The increase of temperature as you know has to do with thermal. Thermal pollution in other words is the change in temperature in natural water bodies because of humans (overpopulation). The power plants creating electricity using fossil fuels, the deforestation of shorelines, and soil erosion. This is also connected to humans (overpopulation)

  10. Radioactive pollution • This pollution is also one of the most pollution done in today's era. The bombings and other stuff done these days is connected to 2 things which is radioactive pollution, and overpopulation. Radioactive pollution is nuclear explosions, bombs, nuclear weapons, uranium mining, and nuclear power plants. These cause massive destruction to land, Earth, humans, and this all because of overpopulation. We don't. Realize how precious this land we live on is.

  11. Light pollution • Light pollution is excess or obstructive light created by humans. Separate from the other pollution this pollution damages the ecosystem, can cause adverse health effects, and wastes energy. This mostly comes from industrial civilization, and other businesses and industries. NY is famous for the most lights lightened in the night. We use street light, house lights, car lights, building lights, shop lights, school lights, for advertising lights. This by scientist has been considered annoying, wasteful, and harmful.

  12. Over population • All the pollution I have listed are connected to or are a family of overpopulation. Air pollution is caused by humans, humans use cars, trains, busses, and factories. Water pollution is also caused by humans because we are the ones going to picnics and throwing trash into the lakes their and swimming with dirty bodies there. We take navy ships in the Atlantic ocean an shoot other ships down and cause damage by which water gets polluted and metal pieces go in. Land pollution is one of the main ones because we live on land! We are the ones who throw gums on the ground throw chip wrappers and throw other waste. Noise pollution is caused by us, we have police sirens, factories, traffic, and trains. Who is using these US! Thermal pollution is caused by us when we use stoves and we liter.

  13. Continue… • The power plants we use cause thermal population. The radioactive pollution is caused by nuclear weapons and bombs dropped on other cities and countries. This pollution is the most used pollution these days because we do not use swords in wars. We use nuclear weapons because overpopulations. Light pollution is humans again. And this is the second most pollution is light pollution, because we all use lights in the entire world. There is nothing without light, and using it we do not know we are polluting. So I will say it again that these all pollution tie up to OVERPOPULATION!!


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