digital processing system
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Digital Processing System

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Digital Processing System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Processing System. Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies University of Maryland College Park MD 20742 [email protected] , (301)405-3638, With Neil Goldsman and Babis Papadopoulis.

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digital processing system

Digital Processing System

Shuvra S. BhattacharyyaDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, andInstitute for Advanced Computer Studies

University of MarylandCollege Park MD [email protected], (301)405-3638,

With Neil Goldsman and Babis Papadopoulis

Laboratory affilations: Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, VLSI Design Automation Laboratory, Embedded Systems Research Laboratory, Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory

digital processing platform
Digital Processing Platform
  • Low power micro-controller
    • Small size for compact integration
    • Enables adaptation of node behavior with changing requirements, environmental characteristics, and network state
    • Enables experimentation with different algorithms and protocols
    • Enables use of energy saving processor modes and associated operating system functionality
  • Development of streamlined software implementations
    • Highly memory-constrained software implementations are required due to size and energy constraints
    • Leverage our previous work in synthesis of memory-efficient embedded software implementations
    • Employ formal programming models, and apply graph-theoretic analysis and optimization of program structure
    • Explore migration into ASIC or 3D-integrated system
example of software structure
Low power sleep mode

Check for new data

Fuse with prior data

Example of Software Structure


No new data

Periodic wake-up




Broadcast new data

Extract data


Need to update neighbors?

protocol set up and system configuration
Protocol Set-up and System Configuration
  • Handshaking
  • Source channel coding
  • Integrate with transceiver to establish PLL timing
  • Establish error correction coding
  • Establish low-complexity decoding
  • Assign transmission power
  • Assign processing tasks to network nodes
system level optimization example task assignment algorithms
System-level Optimization Example:Task Assignment Algorithms
  • Need to balance communication and computation throughout the network
  • Develop models of power consumption in network nodes and communication links
  • Develop task graph models of overall network functionality
  • Develop algorithms to embed task graph algorithm specifications into the network
    • Assign processing tasks to network nodes
    • Turn off idle nodes
    • Large design space
  • Explore evolutionary algorithms to optimize task graph embeddings
evolutionary algorithms

Phenotype space(Original search space)




Evolutionary Algorithms

Decoding function

Genetic operators

Genotype space(Genetic representation)


references selected prior work related to embedded software optimization
References: selected prior work related to embedded software optimization
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