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SYST699 – Spec Innovations PowerPoint Presentation
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SYST699 – Spec Innovations

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SYST699 – Spec Innovations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SYST699 – Spec Innovations. Innoslate™ System Engineering Management Software Tool Test & Analysis. Agenda. Background - Innoslate Problem Definition Project Objectives Project Approach Project Status Project Schedule. Background – Innoslate™. Innoslate™ Systems Engineering Tool

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SYST699 – Spec Innovations

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    1. SYST699 – Spec Innovations Innoslate™ System Engineering Management Software Tool Test & Analysis

    2. Agenda • Background - Innoslate • Problem Definition • Project Objectives • Project Approach • Project Status • Project Schedule

    3. Background – Innoslate™ Innoslate™ Systems Engineering Tool • Tool was developed as the aggregation of several systems engineering tools and concepts that have been utilized for the past 25 years. • Cloud-based web application developed specifically for systems engineers to encompass activities related to the full systems lifecycle. • Includes capabilities related to requirements management, collaboration, system modeling, reporting, and discrete event simulation.

    4. Problem Definition • Software product development is very new to SPEC Innovations necessitating a critical review and analysis of the Innoslate™ tool to provide independent feedback and recommendations. • SPEC Innovations’ primary need is an evaluation of the tool’s usability and the functionality to measure its ability to assist system engineers in doing their job.

    5. Project Objectives • Testing and critical/comparative evaluation of the capabilities offered by Innoslate™. • Compile and detail test results, feature comparisons, recommendations, and trade study analysis as part of a report to the sponsor. • Deliver the final project report and present project and finding to the sponsor and GMU faculty.

    6. Project Approach [1] • Based on feedback the scope was defined to utilize the final report for a project from SYST513, Meeting and Event Planning System (MEEPAS). • MEEPAS is a Meeting and Event Planning Assistant System • Intended for increasing efficiency and reducing technical difficulties for requesting, scheduling, executing, and monitoring meetings

    7. Project Approach [2] • Project activities during MEEPAS project included: Development of CONOPs, System Requirements, as well as measures of effectiveness and performance. • Test cases will be developed based on the system development lifecycle phases that are addressed in the final report; concept of operations (CONOPS), requirements elicitation and management, system architecture design and modeling.

    8. Project Approach [3] • The tool will also be utilized to capture the project requirements, test cases, and test execution results. • Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers will be utilized to conduct the system testing to provide broader usability feedback. (Internet Explorer is not supported currently) • Provide feedback and functionality gaps to SPEC Innovations via the InnoSlate feature tracker tool.

    9. Project Status [1] • Hold kick-off meeting with sponsor - Competed; bi-weekly progress meetings established. • Identify scope and methodology – Completed; identified project and stage of the SELC to focus tests for Innoslate. • Components selected within Innoslate to focus testing on: • Database functions- storing of Assets, Artifacts, etc. • Requirement Gathering functions- Our project requirements as well as requirements of the selected MEEPAS project.

    10. Project Status [2] • Report Generation functions: Based on inputted objects into the database. • Document Analyzer functions: Automated versus Manual parsing of inputted documents. • Identify and document user requirements – In progress • Develop Project Status Report – Target completion: 10/11/2012 • Develop test plans and testing requirements - In progress; target completion: 10/11/2012

    11. Project Status [3] • Conduct tests and evaluation – Target completion: 11/8/2012 • Develop Final Presentation – Target completion: 12/6/2012 • Develop Final Report – Target completion: 11/29/2012

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