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Limerick City

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Limerick City
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Limerick City

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  1. Limerick City This is Limerick City at night. This is Limerick City during the day.

  2. The Clarion Hotel The Clarion Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Limerick. It is also the tallest hotel in Limerick.

  3. Bunratty Castle • Bunratty castle is a very popular tourist attraction. There is a hotel and several restaurants there. Our school often go on school tours there because it is a great place to visit.

  4. The Milk Market This is Limericks Milk Market, many people come here to buy their fruit and vegetables. There is also many stalls and shops that sells accessories and clothing. It also has many cafés and restaurants.

  5. The Crescent Shopping Centre Hundreds of people come to the Crescent every day to shop, eat and meet lots of friends or family. There are over 90 shops in the Crescent. It is Limericks main shopping centre.

  6. The Hunt Museum The Hunt Museum has lots of famous artefacts and paintings. It attracts many tourists every day.

  7. Limerick in the 1900’s • Here is a picture of Limerick docks. Hundreds of people boarded ships and depart from ships in the past. There is also a picture of a school in the 1900’s.

  8. University of Limerick UL is Limericks main and biggest college . There are approximately thousands of students that attend ULto study for their education.

  9. Thomond Park Thomond park is Munster’s home ground. Munster have played lots of matches there and won.

  10. Gaelic Grounds GAA The Gaelic Grounds is Limerick city’s home ground for hurling and football. The primary schools final is always held there and it is a privilege to play there.

  11. Thank You for watching Caoimhe and Hazels slide Show of LIMERICK! 