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Conveying The Message Of Islam PowerPoint Presentation
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Conveying The Message Of Islam

Conveying The Message Of Islam

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Conveying The Message Of Islam

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  1. Conveying The Message Of Islam By: Salman Ali Farooqi

  2. Introduction • This power point is about how are 2 ways of conveying the message of Islam if Muhammad (SAW) was still alive. In the past Muhammad (saw) and his fellow Muslim people had great difficulty spreading Islam. The only thing thy used to spread the message of Islam was travelling from place to place on a Horse or a camel. Now we have everything and we could communicate without even travelling, just by using the technology we have today. That’s what this power point is about.

  3. Way 1: Television

  4. Television Pg1 • The first way I would choose to spread Islam in the present is that one of the most famous thing on this earth, “television”. Some people say that they can’t live without television. A lot of people are addicted to television. In the past (the old days), there wasn’t television, in the past the had to use all sorts of hard ways and they didn’t know all the countries in the world, even if they did know, they would’ve had travel with a camel.

  5. Television Pg2 • Television is the most watched thing on earth because it’s meant to be watched. That’s why I would say television, because you can create your own channels of Islam and while the non-Muslims change the channels on the TV they will come across a lot of channels of Islam. Non-Muslim people would be wanting to learn more and more about Islam and they will be trying to find good Muslim scholars that will Muhammad (saw) send. Television is a very effective way of spreading any type of message. And if we still had the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), imagine how quickly and effectively would the world convert in to Islam.

  6. Television Pg3 • A satellite uses television. The satellite is some kind of technology that helps us communicate all over the world. If we create some Islamic channels, then the satellite that uses the television will help Islam to spread more over the world.

  7. Way 2: Internet

  8. Internet Pg1 • The second way I chose was the Internet itself. The Internet is a perfect way to spread the message of Islam because the Internet is used to communicate and share things. Spreading Islam using Internet would be a perfect way. We can create websites of Islam and post videos of Muslim people explaining the message of Islam. Creating websites and having descriptions of Islam why you should believe in it. People are on the Internet twenty four/seven. We can create websites and have timings of where and when there will be Lectures of Islam and where. That the non-Muslims can attend the lectures at there free time.

  9. Internet Pg2 • On YouTube we can have Muslim scholars explaining why should we agree on the message of Islam. You tube is the most famous website for watching videos. If people go on the Internet, they will always definitely go on you tube for at least a few minutes. They can see videos of the message of Islam and will be interested to see them. We can get a lot of views and the other people will see there are a lot of views and will be wanting to watch it.

  10. Conclusion/Thank you • There are a lot more ways then only two ways of conveying the message of Allah. • There can be even more uses of television and Internet of spreading Islam, especially if Muhammad (SAW) is alive. • There are my two ways of conveying the message of Islam which I think are the most effective way. • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!