May 17 2013
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Athletes briefing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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< Insert Event Logo >. May 17, 2013. Athletes briefing. Briefing agenda. Welcome and Introductions Competition Jury Schedules and Timetables Check-in and Procedures The course Post-Race Procedures Weather forecast. < Insert Event Logo >. Welcome and Introductions.

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May 17 2013

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May 17, 2013

Athletes briefing

Briefing agenda
Briefing agenda

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Competition Jury

  • Schedules and Timetables

  • Check-in and Procedures

  • The course

  • Post-Race Procedures

  • Weather forecast

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Welcome and introductions
Welcome and Introductions

  • Jaime Cadaval, President Mexican Federation

  • Leslie Buchanan, ITU Team Leader

  • Joyce Donaldson, ITU Technical Delegate

  • Felix Molina, ITU Race Referee

  • Itzel Carranco, Assistant Technical Delegate

  • Mauricio Álvarez, LOC Director

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Competition jury
Competition Jury

  • Joyce Donaldson, TD, Chair

  • Jaime Cadaval: Technical Committee ITU

  • Ignacio Lopez: Medical Doctor

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Schedule and timelines
Schedule and Timelines

  • Friday May 17

  • 18:00 – 19:00 Elite Briefing and Race pack pick up (pack after briefing) Sunday, May 19

  • 08:00 Elite Female Race Starts

  • 10:45 Elite Male Race Starts

  • Medal Ceremony Women and Men near finish line after finish of men’s race

  • 19:00 Celebration Dinner Party: Club de Playa

  • Hotel Castillo

  • *** 18:45 Bus in front of Hotel Castillo

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Athletes briefing

Schedule and Timelines

  • Sunday

  • 06:15Athletes’ Lounge open Elite Women

  • 06:30 – 07:45Transition Area open for Elite Women


  • 07:10 - 07:40 Swimwarm-up for Elite Women

  • 07:45 Athlete Line up / Introduction

  • 08:00Elite Women Start

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Schedule and timelines1
Schedule and Timelines

  • Sunday - continued

  • 09:00Athletes’ Lounge open Elite Men

  • 09:45 – 10:30Transition Area open for Elite Men


  • 10:00 – 10:25 Swim warm-up for Elite Men

  • 10:30 Athlete Line up / Introduction

  • 10:45 Elite Men Start

Check in procedures
Check-in procedures

  • Athletes Lounge

    • Uniform check (name, country, logos, ITU logo, zippers) – photos taken of each uniform.

      Wearing other uniform during the race = DSQ!

    • Body marking check (both arms, both legs)

    • Timing chip distribution

    • Swim cap distribution

    • Leave your bags in Athlete Lounge

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Check in procedures1
Check In Procedures

  • Transition area

  • Bike check: handlebars, wheels and bike measuring specifications (new rules)

  • Helmet check- (only manufacturers logo!) Don’t leave your helmet fastened in the transition

  • The athlete who does not comply with this rule will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1.

  • Running Shoes outside the box, helmet on the bike

  • Spare wheels to the athlete’s lounge – following inspection

  • If you want to add any equipment to the bike this needs to be approved by TD at end of briefing.

The course


2 laps: 1st lap is 1000 m….2nd lap 500 m


8 laps of 5km


4 laps of 2.5 km

The Course

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Pre start procedure
Pre-start Procedure

  • Athlete Introduction:

  • 15 minutes before start – line up near swim start

  • As introduced, jog to the swim platform

  • Select your position

  • Blocking two positions - Disqualification

Start procedure


Start Procedure

  • Athletes in position:

  • The start can be given any timeafter the Race Referee announces ”On your mark”

  • Air horn blast

  • The race starts

  • Athletes not moving forward at the start will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1.

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False start procedure s
False Start Procedures

  • False startExample 1:

  • Several horn blasts

  • Kayaks in front of you

  • Everyonegoes back to her/his spot

  • False start Example 2:

  • If someone starts before the horn and everyone else starts with the horn, an athlete who false starts will receive a time penalty of 15 seconds in TA1.

  • (During the time penalty athlete can not take any equipment!)

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Swim course
Swim course

  • Water temperature: 26.5°C

  • Air temperature: 30 C

  • 2laps(total distance of 1500m)- clockwise

  • Distance to the first turn buoy 380m

  • Pass all swim bouys on your right shoulder

  • Exit water on both laps between two orange buoys

  • Swim behaviour will be closely monitored

  • Take cap, gogglesto transition into your box

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Athletes briefing

Swim course Map

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Transition area
Transition Area

  • Individual Bike Racks – number, name and country flag

  • All used equipment into the box

    not doing this = time penalty

  • Mount line at the end of the TA (GREEN LINE)

  • Dismount at the start of TA(RED LINE)

Bike course
Bike course

  • 8laps(total distance of 40 km)

  • Hilly

  • 2 Wheel Stations

    • For locations see the map

    • Neutral wheels, mechanic

  • Lap Counter: Beside the mount line

  • Lapped athletes are out of the race

  • First runner-last biker case will apply

    • See the map

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Bike course map
Bike Course Map


<Insert Bike Course Map (show locations of wheel station & lap counter) (clarify if the athletes will be passing through the TZ on every lap)>

Yellow box = Wheel Station

Red mark = EMS ambulance

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Caution signal: three sharp whistles and red flags

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Run course
Run Course


First runner/last biker

Run course1
Run course

  • 4laps(total distance of 10 km)

  • 3 Aid stations:

    • 6 per lap, for locations see the map

    • Sealed water and Gatorade

    • Discard plastic bottles off course

  • Penalty box: Located just before finish chute

  • Photo-finish

  • Congestion in finish area:

    • Go to mixed zone / recovery area

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Run penalty box
Run penalty box

  • Run penalty box is for infringements in: TA1, bike and TA2

  • ex: Mount before mount line, dismount after dismount line, equipment outside your box, race the bike outside of your own space etc.

  • (Transitions will be video recorded for infringements)

  • Location: Before the finish line

  • Information: White board to show race numbers

  • (Athletes need to read the board)

  • Procedure:15 second time penalty served on any lap of the run.

  • If you do not stop it will result in a Disqualification

Post r ace procedures
Post-race Procedures

  • Mixed Zone” - immediately after finish1, 2, 3 with host broadcaster first.

  • Medal Presentation - protocol –after finish of men’s race

  • ** please follow the Ambush marketing rules

  • Dress “up” Coaches assistance needed

  • Prize money will be electronically transferred

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Ambush marketing rules
Ambush Marketing Rules

  • Ambush marketing is defined as:

  • “Deliberately using the opportunity of live television and media photographers to acquire additional exposure for your sponsor product, apparel or brand.”

    • The consequence for this behavior is:

  • 1.The athlete will immediately forfeit their prize money, if any, for that event.

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Post r ace procedures1
Post-race Procedures

  • Anti-Doping Control

    • Photo ID is needed for every athlete to go for testing

  • Team Medical Access

  • Only team medical will be allowed to enter the medical tent after the MD on site gives permission.

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Coaches areas
Coaches areas

  • Accreditation

  • Every coach has to collect accreditation.

  • Only Coaches who have been registered by their NF into the ITU online system are entitled to an accreditation

  • ** The coaches list is FINAL

  • Coaches will collect their accreditation after the ELITE Briefing

  • Access includes: Athletes lounge, adjacent to swim start area, adjacent to the penalty box

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Athletes briefing

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