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media prelim

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  1. Evaluation

  2. We asked a group of people what they thought when they watched our documentary. Here is the feedback that we were given...

  3. What went well?

  4. Good range of interviews For our documentary we used a range of interviewees as we wanted to develop a wider range of opinions. As a group we also decided that the use of different interviewees was also a good idea because professional documentaries include this feature because they can access opinions from people who are completely different to one another and offer something new to the content. People also said that the range of interviewees that we used was good because they were all different ages and genders, offering a wider opinion. This can be linked to the uses and gratifications theory because the audience can form their own opinion from the ones that have been said

  5. music The group that watched our documentary agreed that the music that we picked was appropriate and linked to our documentary well. When deciding on music, we wanted something that was catchy and linked to the theme of the documentary. We decided on a upbeat song for the documentary that played in the background when interviewers were speaking however the volume was increased when archive material was played. We also chose a different song for the opening sequence which sounded like a mobile ringtone. By having an upbeat song, it makes the documentary more enjoyable which the group all agreed on

  6. Opening sequence The group decided that the opening sequence of our documentary was another aspect that they liked because they thought that it was fun and the phones stacking up on one another clearly indicated what the documentary was about

  7. Archive material The final aspect that the group agreed was good in our documentary was the archive material. We wanted to use different forms of archive material like pictures and also an interview with someone who spoke about the topic of mobile phone usage in everyday life. We decided that we needed to include the different forms of archive material because professional documentaries use different types to provide a wider variety of material to the documentary

  8. What could of gone better...

  9. Archive images The group that watched our documentary said that although they did like our archive material, they didn't really like the images that we used. The reason that they thought this was because the images turned out to be quite blurry in our video and didn't look professional enough

  10. Mise-en-scene of interviews Something that could be improved in our documentary is the Mise-en-scene for the interview. The backgrounds that we chose for our interviews didn't correspond with the documentary and what it was all about. This is something that is always used in professional documentaries to make everything tie in together

  11. Music They thought that the music played over the archive material should of been louder. Next time, this has shown me that I need to ensure that the music can be heard clearly when archive material is being displayed

  12. Audio of interviews The group thought that sometimes the audio of the interviewees wasn't as clear as it was at other times. I now know that in the future, I would ensure that the volume is at a good enough volume at all times so that the audience can always hear what is being said