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Consulting 咨询. PPT Made by 博 李. What is consulting?. Everyone is a consultant, as long as you have knowledge on something: “Do I look good in this red dress? ” (if you have good taste) “Do I want to take Econ 100A with Mark Machina ?” (if you have taken it before).

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PPT Made by 博李

What is consulting
What is consulting?

  • Everyone is a consultant, as long as you have knowledge on something:

  • “Do I look good in this red dress?” (if you have good taste)

  • “Do I want to take Econ 100A with Mark Machina?” (if you have taken it before)

But for management consulting
But for Management Consulting

  • Management consulting firms, then, sell business advisory services to the leaders of corporations, governments and nonprofit organizations.

  • 帮助企业和企业家实现其企业目标的一种独立的,专业的咨询服务。

Who hires consultants and why
Who hires consultants, and why?

  • Need help on a short-term but urgent project (fire)

  • Need neutral, professional help on merging (experience)

  • Consultants are brought in because they can accomplish the task “better, faster and cheaper” than if the client was to do it alone.

  • In China, western consulting experience largely help SOE improve performance.

In categories
In Categories

  • Strategy consulting (sexiest)

  • Operations consulting

    production processes, distribution, order fulfillment and customer service.

  • IT strategy consulting (IT outsourcing)

  • Financial strategy consulting

  • Human resources strategy consulting (recruitment)

The players
The Players

  • 1st tier -MBB

    McKinsey & Co. 麦肯锡

    Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 波士顿咨询

    Bain & Co. 贝恩资本

    Others: (Domestic)

    Booz & Company博斯

    Roland Berger 罗兰贝格

    Monitor Company

    Oliver Wyman奥纬咨询

    Deloitte Consulting德勤

    Accenture Management Consulting 埃森哲


  • The Best Professional training(people skills/ operation experience)

    More than 70 past and present CEOs at Fortune 500 companies are former McKinsey & Co. employees

  • Collegiate environment / Consensus Driven

  • Getting to know different industries (college/ professional training)

  • Fancy hotel/ restaurants (100 per meal / five-star)

  • Salaries (Mckinsey)

  • Business school sponsorship ( come back after)

  • Alumni network ( Every industry/ Fortune 500 executives)

  • Exit opportunities (Perfect Career Start)

Unpleasant truths
Unpleasant Truths

  • Extremely selective

    Only recruit from target schools

    Not enough business going on (水土不服)

    Clients not as cooperative

    Lack of experience

    Culture difference/not fully market economy

    Still at the early age in China ( Mckinsey’s strategy)

Skill sets
Skill sets

  • Do you work well in teams?

    (Consultants work Good with people/ likable?

    with clients and colleagues)

    “Airport test”

  • Communication skills.

    “Choose your words carefully.” “accurate enough vs. precisely accurate.”

    “Being right vs. Being right ‘Diplomatically (Logical, convincing).”

  • Did you love school?

    (high correlation between academic curiosity and enjoyment of consulting)

  • Are you willing to work 70, even 80 hours a week?

  • Last, but certainly not least, are you willing to travel frequently? (4 days out of a week)


  • High overall GPA (any majors will do)

  • Case studies ( Victor Cheng, Case In Point, company websites, consulting is not math!)

  • Mock Interview (be presentable, persuasive)

  • Get a internship (whatever is intellectual!)

  • NETWORK! (alumni, family, friends)

  • Good Resume!

Ucsd resources
UCSD Resources.

  • Triton Consulting Group.

    Mentor-ship program.

  • Undergraduate Investment Society.

    Coming Saturday: UIS 8th Annual Financial Horizons Conference

    9am-3pm, Great Hall and Rady School of Management.

    Need to Reserve online!


  • Victor Cheng – Case Interview Secret.

  • Case In Point

  • Vault Guide – Consulting




  • Vincent 王彬舟 : [email protected]