Senegal geoculture
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Senegal Geoculture. Former French colony, country since 1960. President (elected 5 years), 120 member Assemblée nationale , elected. Approx 65 political parties. Leopold Senghor= 1 st president. Baobab tree= emblem of Senegal, flag= green, yellow, red. National park Niokolo

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Senegal geoculture

Senegal Geoculture

Senegal geoculture

Former French colony, country

since 1960. President (elected 5 years),

120 member Assemblée nationale, elected.

Approx 65 political parties. Leopold Senghor= 1st president

Baobab tree= emblem

of Senegal, flag= green,

yellow, red

National park Niokolo

Koba= 2 million acres,

protects lions, elephants

antelope, hippos, monkeys,

birds. Nat’l park of Djoudj=

Bird sanctuary

Arts include: batik-

traditional fabric, souweres-

Paintings under glass,


Industries: agriculture,

Fishing, oil refineries

Capital: Dakar

Population: 11 million

La Casamance= forests,

trees, beaches, rice paddies

Ile de Goree= UNESCO world heritage site,

former slaving station

12 official or national languages, including

French and Wolof

L opold s dar senghor
LéopoldSédar Senghor

(9 October 1906 – 20 December 2001) was

a Senegalese poet, politician, and cultural theorist who for two decades served as the first president of Senegal (1960–1980) He wrote the words to the Senegalese national anthem. Senghor was the first African elected as a member of the Académie française. He was educated in France, and served in the French army during WWII, and spent time in German prison camps. He is regarded by many as one of the most important African intellectuals of the 20th century.

Po me mon fr re blanc
Poème à mon frère blanc

Cher frère blanc,Quand je suis né, j’étais noir,Quand j’ai grandi, j’étais noir,Quand je suis au soleil, je suis noir,Quand je suis malade, je suis noir,Quand je mourrai, je serai noir.

Tandis que toi, homme blanc,Quand tu es né, tu étais rose,Quand tu as grandi, tu étais blanc,Quand tu vas au soleil, tu es rouge,Quand tu as froid, tu es bleu,Quand tu as peur, tu es vert,Quand tu es malade, tu es jaune,Quand tu mourras, tu seras gris.

Alors, de nous deux,Qui est l’homme de couleur ?

-Léopold Sédar SENGHOR

S n galais hymne national
SénégalaisHymne National

Refrain :

Fibres de mon cœur vert.

Épaule contre épaule, mes plus que frères,

O Sénégalais, debout !

Unissons la mer et les sources,

unissons la steppe et la forêt !

Salut Afrique mère, salut Afrique mère.

Anthem- instrumental

La marseillaise l hymne national de france 1792
La Marseillaise- l’hymne national de France (1792)

Allons enfants de la patrie,

Le jour de gloire est arrivé

Contre nous de la tyrannie

L'étendard sanglant est levé

Entendez vous dans les campagnes,

Mugir ces féroces soldats?

Ils viennent jusque dans nos bras

Egorger nos fils, nos compagnes!


Aux armes, citoyens!


Marchons! Marchons!

Qu'un sang impur



L’hymnedans Casablanca

Heard in…the Beatles song “All You Need is Love,

the movie Casablanca